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The Gemstone Jewelry Ultimate Guide

The Gemstone Jewelry Ultimate Guide

“These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of.” There’s an undeniable truth in what English novelist George Eliot said. Words are fallible, but, as he already hinted at, some things have the power to communicate more profoundly. And when it comes to that, gemstones are far more precious than the crystals cut and polished to make them.

In other words, gems have meaning, making gemstone jewels a great gift. Whenever you want to express your feelings to your loved ones, this category of handmade jewelry will serve its purpose.

However, not every stone is the same. Gemstones differ in history, color, meaning and properties, and if you want to be sure to nail your next gift, you must be prepared. Without further ado, let’s dive into our gemstone jewelry ultimate guide!

Amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst jewelry

Symbolism and Properties

Due to its famous purple tone, often associated with royalty, Amethyst has long been favored by the ruling class. However, with time its role changed, and the stone slowly became a symbol of spirituality and protection. After all, its name originates from a Greek word that means “intoxicated” because many believed it could protect that wearer from drunkenness.


Amethyst’s color can range from pale lilac to deep reddish-purple. Generally speaking, intensely colored variants are more highly regarded and valued. However, Amethyst comes in green as well. It is a rare stone in nature and often heat-treated, but it excels on handmade jewelry. In particular, a green Amethyst ring is a special treat for anyone.

How to gift Amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst is February’s birthstone, so it is an excellent gift for those born this month. In general, what makes this gemstone a suitable gift is that it’s highly durable. It scores 7.0 on the Mohs scale, which means that Amethyst jewelry can be worn daily without many risks.

Diamond Jewelry

Symbolism and Properties

Marylin Monroe said it best: diamonds are a girl's best friend. Diamonds have a broad and long history across cultures, economies, and the entertainment industry. Due to the gemstone's durability, it has been coined as symbolizing "forever." With this in mind, how surprising is it that diamonds are among the most popular choices for engagement rings? After all, they symbolize endless love.


Diamonds are found in most naturally existing colors, such as; white, gray, yellow, pink, and green. However, it is possible to manipulate the gems to obtain the color you desire, adding uniqueness to diamond jewelry.

Speaking of uniqueness, Herkimer diamonds are the most powerful quartz crystals. Discovered in the 18th century on native Mohawk Indian land in the US, they enhance spiritual energy and aid in healing.

How to gift Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are perfect to wear as statement pieces and in simpler fashions, such as stacks, to elevate other pieces. As these gemstones symbolize eternity and love, they are a beautiful and meaningful gift for your loved one. Traditionally, this has been done for decades for engagements. But, anyone you love can receive a token of your eternal love in the form of a diamond.

For example, this beautiful pendant would be perfect as the star of a stack. To add a personal touch, you can layer it with a chain. Gold or silver? It's up to you, but we love this one because it brings out the cool tones of the Herkimer diamond!

Emerald Jewelry

Emerald jewelry

Symbolism and Properties

Emerald has been long considered a holy gemstone. South American Incas and Aztecs were the first to regard it as such, even though the oldest emeralds were found in Ancient Egypt.

Over the centuries, many have believed that this stone could grant the wearer vision, thinking more clearly and objectively. It’s probably for this reason that Emerald became a symbol of intelligence and wisdom with time.


In some cases, Emerald’s color can feature blue undertones, but its intense, deep green makes it genuinely breathtaking for the eye. Nowadays, this gem is synonymous with this color.

How to gift Emerald Jewelry

Gifting Emerald jewelry will hardly be the wrong choice. After all, we are talking about one of the “Big Four” (Sapphire, Ruby and Diamond are the other ones), among the most refined gems on the market.

May’s birthstone scores between 7.5 and 8 on the Mohs scale, which would make it a “safe” choice as well. However, Emerald presents several internal fissures that make it relatively fragile, an element that must be considered.

A huge misconception about this stone is that it’s primarily for women. While this may be partially true, an emerald ring for men is a classy, though underrated, option.

Garnet Jewelry

Garnet jewelry

Symbolism and Properties

Garnet represents love and vitality, but most people don’t know that it was believed to have protecting powers in the past. In particular, many thought this stone to shield its wearer from potential injuries, a characteristic that made it extremely popular among warriors.


When you think about Garnet, the red color comes to mind. Oddly, this little treasure can come in almost any coloring and hue, making it one of the most versatile stones out there.

How to gift Garnet Jewelry

Garnet’s wide range of colors makes it perfect as a gift. However, you should never make the mistake of considering January’s birthstone a simple stone. On the contrary, the garnet family is among the most complex gemstone worlds. It is the result of many varieties and species blending together. In other words, Garnet jewelry is not for anyone.

The good news is that it has a hardness rate between 6.5 and 7.5 and is more affordable than other precious gems.

Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

Symbolism and Properties

Self-awareness and self-confidence are the two main benefits for those who choose Lapis Lazuli jewelry. The stone is also said to inspire peace and harmony, improving the wearer's state of mind overall.

Slowly, Lapis Lazuli became known as The Wisdom Stone. Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Greece, and Rome treasured the stone and made it part of their tradition.


Even though the gemstone's properties proved to be highly beneficial, ancient civilizations' love for Lapis Lazuli was mainly due to its color. The crystal was valued as much as Turquoise or Sapphire at that time.

The gemstone's celestial, deep blue hue is highly captivating, and its charm is unparalleled.

How to gift Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

Jewelry featuring cabochons and carved elements is probably the best choice if you are looking for a gift. In particular, a Lapis Lazuli ring is an excellent option. A light canvas of silver or white gold exalts the gemstone, and the icy color of the metal brings out its vivid dark blue.

However, Lapis Lazuli is relatively fragile, rating between 5.0 to 6.0 on the Mohs scale, and you should treat it with care.

Larimar Jewelry

Symbolism and Properties

Larimar jewelry is popular to help calm people down, which is fantastic for those fighting stress and anxiety. Moreover, it helps balance several chakras, including the crown, third eye, throat, and heart chakras, making it a great stone to feature in spiritual practices and meditations to promote health and peace of mind.

Many people carry it around and hold it whenever they're feeling worried. When this jewelry is made for this purpose, it is usually shaped in a smooth oval for users to rub in their hands and let go of all worries.


Larimar jewelry features a beautiful and rare blue color. It is a type of pectolite that acquires its gorgeous hue from substituting the cobalt in the stone for calcium. However, its shade tends to change depending on how much calcium it manages to absorb, so we can find larimar specimens ranging from white to green to even deep blue. It also has swirls and twirls of white that resemble the Caribbean waves where this stone tends to be found.

This stone is native to the Dominican Republic, and its only known-to-man large mine is located on a remote mountain on this island. Locals still go to this location to mine larimar, sell it to tourists, and export it overseas. Moreover, some smaller mines are located in the US and Canada.

How to gift Larimar Jewelry

This type of handmade jewelry is the perfect gift for anyone who seems to struggle with anxiety and insomnia, as it may help them deal with it. Moreover, Larimar jewelry can be gifted in the shape of polished pendants wrapped in wire to create beautiful necklaces, bracelets, a larimar ring, and many more gemstone jewelry pieces.

This stone is usually paired with silver gemstone jewelry, but it looks equally beautiful with gold or any other precious metal.

Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone jewelry

Symbolism and Properties

As the name suggests, Moonstone represents the power of the moon. It is a balancing gem, a symbol of intuition and fertility. For centuries, royalty valued this stone, believing Moonstone jewelry could increase pregnancy chances.


Moonstone’s color dramatically varies. It can be green, yellow to brownish, even gray or nearly black. Nevertheless, what makes this category of gemstone special is adularescence, the optical phenomenon that gives us the impression of lunar light floating on water.

How to gift Moonstone Jewelry

This stone’s hardness is between 6.0 and 6.5, which is not ideal for daily use. Moonstone jewelry shines on special occasions and is particularly indicated for those who want to connect more intimately with their feminine side.

The birthstone for June is an excellent choice for your finger. Gifting a moonstone ring is simply one of the most beautiful ways to show your love and appreciation.

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