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20% off on our express shipping collection
20% off on our express shipping collection

Amber Jewelry

Buy your new ring, necklace or earrings from our Amber jewelry collection. It is all you need to add the final touch to your exquisite outfit. Much of our ethically crafted selection features Baltic Amber, which is known as the best kind in the world. Whether for yourself or as a gift, expect no regrets as you pick one of these. Every purchase supports an artisan in an emerging country.

  • Rings Amber Ring Baltic Solid 925 Sterling Silver Orange Gemstone Antique Unique Gift for her - by jaipur art jewels

    Handmade Baltic Amber Ring

    jaipur art jewels
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    Carefully crafted by artisans using only the finest materials, this one-of-a-kind silver Amber ring features an expertly cut baltic Amber stone set...

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FAQs about Amber Jewelry

Can you test if Amber is real?

Testing amber jewelry only requires you to mix 1/4 cup of salt with two cups of warm water in a bowl. Your aim is to stir the salt until it is completely dissolved in the solution. Next, take the amber you’re testing and place it in the mixture. Authentic amber floats while its imitation counterpart sinks.

What makes Amber Jewelry so affordable?

Pricing is not necessarily innate to the jewelry in its natural form. Instead, it has much to do with the processing and work effort required to make it create the final product. Amber's workability means processing it is not difficult nor is it costly.

Can you wet Amber?

The amber itself in a jewelry piece is not damaged by water. If the rest of the underlying elements share this property, then you have nothing to worry about. However, if your jewelry pieces are made of strings or clasps from other materials that do not have water resistance, then you may damage your jewelry piece.

Can the sun damage Amber?

Amber happens to be quite sensitive to direct sunlight. Therefore, you want to keep it out of direct heat. Perhaps you are intending to go sunbathing in a hot climate with a jewelry piece. If so, it's in your best interest to remove it first.

Which Amber Is the most valuable as a gift?

When looking through amber jewelry options, you are going to notice a series of colors that range from a reddish look to a yellow one. The gradient of value ranges from very high in the red colors to medium range in the gold colors and low in the yellow colors.

Make no mistake as this does not mean that you shouldn't buy jewelry pieces made of yellow amber because they are not valuable. The gold and red options just happen to have more value.

Note that in rare occurrences amber can end up with a greenish or bluish hue due to fluorescence. Should this cause a favorable appearance, you may find that it is even more valuable than reddish amber.

Is Amber a Gemstone?

Especially when seen in jewelry, amber does take the appearance of a gemstone and is technically fossilized tree resin.

What is Baltic Amber?

Baltic amber, as the name implies, is simply amber that is specifically found anywhere near the Baltic Sea. This could include areas in Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, and Poland.

Can I shower with Amber Jewelry?

Though amber jewelry is waterproof, it is susceptible to damage from soap or any other product that can leave a residue behind. Therefore, you want to remove your amber jewelry before you take a shower. 

Additionally, some of the same chemicals may be present in sunscreen, lotion, hairspray, etc. It's also in your best interest to avoid getting any of these products on your pieces of jewelry.

Can you clean Amber?

You can clean amber, but its resin composition makes it susceptible to damage from any abrasive chemical. Therefore, you want to use a soft flannel cloth. Dampening the cloth with clean lukewarm water is recommended.