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20% off on our express shipping collection
20% off on our express shipping collection

Anklets for Women

Are you trying to leave an impression? Buy your new anklets for women on our online store and prepare to grab everyone’s attention. The handmade designs are different for each jewelry piece and come in 925 Sterling Silver and Gold. Every purchase supports an artisan in an emerging country.

FAQs about Anklets for Women

Are all Anklets handcrafted? 

The short answer is yes, all anklets for women on this page are unique and handcrafted by top-notch artisans around the world. We pride ourselves in offering handmade anklets to support artisans who work to ethically craft jewelry with the best materials you can find out there.

When you look for online jewelry stores, you are going to find many places with anklets that look similar to each other, but since all our products are artisan goods, they all have different designs. Apart from that, purchasing from our jewelry store represents a direct income for families struggling in emerging countries.

You can even find the story and inspiration behind each of our gold or silver anklets for women on their page, and knowing where something comes from gives it a special value. The product details are there too for you to know what you are buying.

Are Anklets for Women expensive?

Everything depends on where you buy the anklets from and the materials used to make them. The making process also affects the price positively or negatively, so anklets for women could be either expensive or affordable. However, our anklets have a more than fair pricing compared to others considering they are gold and silver anklets handmade by artisans.

Apart from that, here, you find more than 50% off retail prices. While many people don’t worry about this, it’s worth noting that buying these anklets gives a better income for the artisan who made them, so it represents an excellent way to support them.

How long should Anklets for Women be?

Length becomes important when getting an anklet since having one that is too long or too short could make it difficult to fit you. The average length of an anklet for women is nine inches, but some get to 10.

Anklets that are too short often need extension chains to fit your foot, so make sure to check those things out before making a purchase. You can find the length of our anklets on our website, so don’t worry about that.

Do these Anklets include shipping?

Most of the artisans working with us are from countries such as India, Indonesia, and even Mexico, but shipping goes to almost all countries worldwide, so it doesn’t matter if you are far from them. However, you can always contact our customer support service if our shipping doesn’t get to your country.

Shipping time changes depending on where the anklets come from and where we ship them from, but most products take from two to three weeks to get to you. Nonetheless, you can track where your package is when you ship it and contact our customer support service any time you have a question about the matter.

We only handle 60-day returns, so check our return policies if you have any issues with the anklets you bought. Regardless of that, we want your experience with these anklets to be wonderful, so we verify and certify our artisans before working with them.

Does wearing Anklets mean something?

Nowadays, people wear anklets mostly because they are stylish and want to look better, but as it happens with other kinds of jewelry, they had a different meaning in the past. Similar to rings or necklaces, anklets were meant to protect you from diseases or bad omens.

Some civilizations wore anklets on their left foot for that reason, but doing it now can also mean you are engaged or married to your partner. However, you can wear your anklets wherever you want if you don’t care about those things.