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Antique Jewelry

Shop our antique jewelry curated selection and add a vintage touch to your outfit. Discover our jewelry store and choose the right ring, bracelet, earrings or necklace. Our collection comes in Sterling Silver and Gold and includes a large selection of gemstones such as Moonstone, Amethyst, Larimar and Lapis Lazuli.

  • rings Peridot Ring Spinner Anxiety Fidget 925 Silver Worry Thumb Boho Women Gift For Her - by InishaCreation

    Handmade Spinning Peridot Ring

    Original Price $126.88
    Current Price $63.44
    58 Reviews
    38 in stock

    This Peridot ring is a unique and handmade piece of jewelry. It features the beautiful Peridot gemstone, known for its vibrant green color, symboli...

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  • Vintage Amethyst Ring / Sterling Silver / Antique / Designer Ring/ Purple /Amethyst Statement February Birthstone - by GIRIVAR CREATIONS

    Handmade Vintage Amethyst Ring

    Original Price $124.18
    Current Price $62.09
    10 Reviews
    23 in stock

    This Amethyst ring will add a touch of elegance to any look. Crafted with sterling silver and a stunning, purple Amethyst stone, this vintage ring ...

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  • 925 Sterling Silver Spinner Ring Meditation Handmade Jewelry Thumb - by InishaCreation

    Handmade Fidget Ring for Anxiety

    Original Price $108.00
    Current Price $54.00
    4 Reviews
    37 in stock

    Fidget away your worries with this beautiful handmade 925 sterling silver spinner ring. Meticulously crafted by our artisans and uniquely designed,...

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  • Rings Amber Ring Baltic Solid 925 Sterling Silver Orange Gemstone Antique Unique Gift for her - by jaipur art jewels

    Handmade Baltic Amber Ring

    jaipur art jewels
    Original Price $62.10
    Current Price $31.05
    3 reviews
    99 in stock

    Carefully crafted by artisans using only the finest materials, this one-of-a-kind silver Amber ring features an expertly cut baltic Amber stone set...

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  • rings Spinner Ring Meditation Spinning Fidget Anxiety Three Band Thumb - by InishaCreation

    Handmade Anxiety Ring

    Original Price $135.00
    Current Price $67.50
    2 reviews
    100 in stock

    A global masterpiece designed by artisans especially curated just for you – get our anxiety ring handcrafted from gold copper, carved silver, and n...

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FAQs About Antique Jewelry

Antique jewelry brings an authentic, vintage touch to your style. If you have some additional questions about these unique items, you can discover more below.

1. How can you tell if Antique Jewelry is real?

It is possible to separate modern jewelry from authentic antique or vintage jewelry. The key differences include the precision of the workmanship, the style, the manufacturing method, the material used, and the presence of any jewelry stamps.

Antique and vintage jewelry tend to be older, and often, these pieces are crafted by hand. Older Georgian or Victorian jewelry is some of the oldest and was around in the 1700-1830 and 1830-1900 periods.

When an expert takes time to examine the style of the jewelry, they can evaluate its actual age and authenticity. Looking at the manufacturing methods, older jewelry tends to be hand cut, while the modern kinds are more precise.

Depending on the materials used, such as bakelite, camphor glass, and foil opals, it might be possible to date the jewelry. Finally, jewelry stamps can indicate the year an item was made.

2. What is the difference between antique and vintage?

There is a distinct difference between the two. Antique jewelry is over 100 years old, while vintage jewelry is at least 20 to 30 years.

3. What's another name for Antique Jewelry?

There are other names to describe antique jewelry, although there may be slight variations in the meaning. Antique jewelry also goes by the names vintage or estate jewelry.

4. Why is Antique Jewelry popular as a gift item?

There are a few reasons why antique jewelry is often preferred to its modern alternatives when people are planning to shop for gifts. Antique jewelry is often unique, high quality, and may also be valuable. There’s also an element of style and class that you might not see in the same way with modern pieces.

5. What is estate jewelry?

Simply put, estate jewelry is jewelry that has a previous owner. Most of the time, this is the case with rarer antique pieces.

6. Where does Antique Jewelry originate from?

Jewelry craftsmen have existed all over the world for centuries. The term antique jewelry is not limited to one particular part of the world and can be handcrafted from anywhere by professional or artisanal craftsmen.

One of the concerns within the global jewelry industry, especially when it comes to artisan-made items, is that the jewelry must be ethically crafted.

You can purchase antique jewelry from our online store, including any dedicated jewelry websites.