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Large Silver Wide Hoop Earrings, 925 Sterling Earring, Chunky Round Earrings


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The classic large silver wide hoop earrings are 925 sterling silver earrings with handmade chunky round  earrings design for women to wear all occasion.

  • Keep in mind - photos are often larger to show details of each piece of jewelry. Please kindly look at the size dimension.
  • These earring is closed and opened with old design hinge. It might be difficult for wearers who have never worn these style earring as before. Please watch video how to wear.**
  • Each item is made from 925 sterling silver. It is unique and might differ slightly in size, color, and textured because it is an individually handmade item.
  • SKU: E671|E477|E503|E482|E504
  • Size: 50mm, 45mm, 40mm, 35mm, 30mm


SKU: E671

  • Approx Hoop Size: 50mm or 1.96 inches 
  • Approx Weight: 14.7 g

SKU: E477

  • Approx Hoop Size:45mm or 1.77 inches
  • Approx Weight: 11.74 g

SKU: E503

  • Approx Hoop Size: 40mm or 1.57  inches
  • Approx Weight:  8.31 g

SKU: E481

  • Approx Hoop Size: 35-36mm or 1.38 inches
  • Approx Weight: 8 g

SKU: E504

  • Approx Hoop Size: 30mm or 1.18 inches
  • Approx Weight: 5.22 g

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Discovered is dedicated to creating positive impact. Not all artisans work alone. Sometimes they work in groups or collectives, are helped by not for profit organizations or work for social businesses. We select our partners to ensure more artisans have work make at least 10% above average wage.

Cultural heritage
We are committed to crafts. We encourage artisans to make products using traditional crafts and techniques. Making products mainly by hand or with easy accessible tools or common available machines. We believe this is important to keep alive.

Sustainable production
We love handmade. We also feel strongly about preserving the world we live in. That’s why we work with our partners & artisans to stimulate using local materials and natural resources, and paying special attention to packaging & shipping.

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