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Emerald Jewelry

Shop from our Emerald jewelry collection, handmade by artisans around the world, and choose your next gift. Also known as the 'Stone of Successful Love', Emerald is connected with the Heart chakra. It was known as Cleopatra's favorite gem, and the ancient Romans associated Emerald with the goddess Venus. Nowadays, it is used on handmade bracelets, pendants, rings or earrings, and is widely present on jewelry websites.

FAQs about Emerald Jewelry

Is Emerald a birthstone?

Absolutely. Emerald is May's birthstone and grants the wearer foresight, good fortune and wisdom. If you want to shop jewelry for your loved one, and she was born in May, Emerald is a great pick.

Is Emerald jewelry expensive?

More than the average, for sure. Emerald is one of the most popular stones out there. Over the years, countless celebrities showcased this stone in unique ways, making Emerald a symbol of elegance.

However, the law of the 4 Cs (color, clarity, carat and cut) always stands. These are elements that will always influence the final price of any gemstone and usually apply to any product in our jewelry store.

Does Emerald have properties?

Like any other gemstone, Emerald is said to be beneficial in many ways. As highlighted in our guide, Emerald stimulates the heart chakra and can heal the body and spirit. It ensures physical, emotional and mental balance, bringing harmony to all areas of life.

It also improves focus and raises consciousness, eliminates negativity and enhances the ability to enjoy life to the fullest. Emerald is the way to go if you want to gift jewelry that does more than improving your appearance.

What's Emerald's history?

The name 'Emerald' derives from the Greek σμάραγδος (smaragdos) and means "green gem". However, many scholars believe that the name's true origin would be izmargad, a Semitic term that means "green stone".

Its history dates back to Ancient Egypt, where the emerald mines in the southeastern region were active since 3500 BC. Cleopatra, the last queen of Egypt, is known for her deep love for emeralds. Not only did she wear fabulous Emerald jewelry, but she also used to give her dignitaries an emerald engraved with her image as a sign of homage. The Emerald was indeed a national symbol for the Egyptians because they believed it was a powerful talisman for fertility, immortality and rejuvenation.

How do I recognize fake Emerald jewelry?

Unlike many other crystals that can appear in different colors, Emerald must be green. Whenever someone offers you variations of this stone, that's likely to be fake.