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Herkimer Diamond Jewelry

Buy our Herkimer Diamond jewelry curated selection, handmade by artisans around the world. Find your new favorite ring, earrings and pendant or make a unique gift to that special someone in our jewelry store. Herkimer, aka the affordable diamond, stimulates attunement to the highest level. This gemstone is particularly helpful in activating and opening the Crown and Third Eye chakras.

FAQs about Herkimer Diamond Jewelry

Are Herkimer diamonds real?

Herkimer diamonds are naturally occurring, as are diamonds. However, they are not actual diamonds. They are a type of double-ended quartz crystal. These gemstones were found in the 18th century and got the diamond moniker because of their striking resemblance to the precious stones.

These unique stones have remarkable clarity and natural faceting that mimics a Diamond, and even outshines it. Shop at our online store to see how gorgeous our Herkimer Diamond jewelry is.

Does Herkimer Diamond Jewelry break easily?

Herkimer diamonds are not easy to break. They are durable and fit for everyday use. These stones are scratch-resistant, and not prone to chipping or breaking. They can be worn in the shower, or the pool, and they won’t wear thin or flake. Our artisan-made pieces are the perfect gift for anyone. This jewelry will last a long time.

Do Herkimer diamonds have healing properties?

Herkimer diamonds are favorites amongst those who use healing crystals. These stones are believed to have emotional, physical, and spiritual healing energies. They make it easier for users to adapt to their environment and the people around them. The power of the stones is incredible, as they amplify the potency of other stones when used in conjunction.

These gems are also said to open the Crown Chakras and the Third Eye. Therefore, it’s believed that the gemstone enhances the ability to connect with the metaphysical plane and boosts clairaudient and clairvoyant powers.

With these believed powers, wearers of unique, handcrafted Herkimer Diamond jewelry can look forward to spiritual balance and healing.

How do I clean Herkimer Diamond Jewelry?

It’s recommended to clean handmade Herkimer Diamond jewelry to keep it sparkling. While these jewels are durable and great for everyday wear, it’s best to limit use when possible to prevent wear and tear.

When the time comes to clean the jewelry, the process is simple. Mild dish detergent and water are all that is needed. Soak the jewelry in the water and soap mixture for about 15 minutes. Remove the jewelry, rinse it, and let it dry.

Some pieces might be a little dirtier and need extra cleansing. In that case, use a soft brush to clean the stone after removing it from the soap water. Rinse the stone with clean water and let it dry.

Is Herkimer Diamond a birthstone?

A Diamond is the birthstone of April. Herkimer diamonds closely resemble diamonds. Thus, an ethically crafted Herkimer Diamond makes a great present for a special someone born in April. Head to our jewelry website and discover the array of artisanal Herkimer Diamond jewelry to choose from.