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Iolite Jewelry

Shop our Iolite jewelry curated selection, handmade by global artisans. Find your new favorite rings, pendants and necklaces or make a unique gift to that special someone. Iolite is a gemstone that promotes wisdom, truth, dignity, and spiritual mastery. Discover our ethically crafted collection in Silver, Gold or Brass in our jewelry store.

  • rings Round Cut Blue Iolite Silver Ring - by Subham Jewels

    Round Cut Blue Iolite Silver Ring

    Subham Jewels
    Original Price $129.60
    Current Price $64.80

    Round Cut Blue Iolite Silver Ring.  Stone Size: 12 mm Weight: 6.55 g  Sizes: 3 to 15US Handmade in India by Subham Jewels

  • Iolite Pendant

    Iolite Pendant

    Original Price $40.00
    Current Price $20.00
    Only 1 left!

    If you like any gold plating, rose gold, or black please contact us it is available. MATERIAL- 925 STERLING SOLID SILVER GEMSTONE - Natural iolite ...

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FAQs about Iolite Jewelry

How to buy the perfect Iolite jewelry?

There are 4 things to consider when buying Iolite jewelry: color, cut, clarity and carat weight. Iolite is usually a blue gemstone but you can also find it in many shades. Iolite is cut into all shapes. However, Iolite is a fragile gemstone that can easily break with the wrong cut. Iolite is a transparent and translucent stone with relatively few inclusions. Carat weight between 1 to 5 is ideal and affordable for Iolite jewelry.

Is Iolite jewelry expensive?

Iolite jewelry is more affordable than its equivalent Sapphire or Tanzanite piece, so it makes a good alternative to someone on a limited budget. 

What chakra is Iolite jewelry good for?

Iolite resonates with the third eye chakra. It channels its energy to inspire your visions and dreams and improve your communication with other realms. Iolite jewelry may make you trust more on your inner self and knowledge. The gemstone may stimulate the memory and enhance creativity.

What is Iolite jewelry good for?

It is useful in enhancing your intuition and deepening your meditation. It can help you gain insight and connect you to your higher self.

Is Iolite a birthstone?

Yes, it is one of the natural birthstones of those born between January 20th and February 18th, as you can read on several jewelry websites.

What are the healing properties of Iolite jewelry?

It is said Iolite jewelry helps balance yin and yang energies. They may be useful for weight loss as they help to eliminate fatty deposits. They may aid the release of toxins that have been stored in body fat, and are said to energize and balance the metabolism, and may help to improve problems in the liver.

What are the alternative names for Iolite gemstone?

Iolite is a variety of the raw stone Cordierite. Iolite has alternative names: 'Vikings’ Compass’ and 'Water Sapphire’ because of its usefulness in determining the direction of the sun on overcast days, the Vikings having used it for this purpose.