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Free shipping over $85

Jasper Jewelry

Gift Jasper jewelry and embrace the earthy charm of this unique gemstone. From handmade rings to bracelets and earrings, each piece showcases Jasper's distinctive patterns and rich colors. Shop now and adorn yourself with the captivating elegance of Jasper Jewelry while supporting your favorite artisans.

  • Round Jasper Ball Brass Bracelet - by Bymemade Sold out

    Round Jasper Ball Brass Bracelet

    Original Price $25.20
    Current Price $12.60
    4 Reviews
    Out of stock

    Round Jasper Ball Brass BraceletM a t e r i a l : jasper, bell with brass bead and wax cordS i z e : 7.5"

  • Tiger’s Eye And Jasperstone Necklace - By Warm Heart Worldwide

    Tiger's eye and jasperstone necklace

    Warm Heart Worldwide
    Original Price $113.40
    Current Price $56.70
    Only 1 left!

    NEW!!!   One-of-a-kind creation by Tangmo. Tiger's eye, jasperstone, wood and glass bead necklace. Gold-plated clasp.   Length: 22" (56cm) Weight: ...

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