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Jewelry Set

If you are looking for artisan-made jewelry sets, you have come to the right place! On our online store, you can find a vast catalog with unique pieces especially curated by global experts. All feature the most valuable gemstones, including Topaz, Iolite, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Peridot, and more. Buy your new and beautiful sets with pendants, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings here!

  • jewelry set Indian Wedding Jewelry Set for Girls Simple Classic Necklace and Earring Kids - by Pretty Ponytails

    Handmade Wedding Jewelry Set

    Pretty Ponytails
    Original Price $161.98
    Current Price $80.99
    Only 10 left!

    This jewelry set is the perfect addition to any special occasion. This gold-plated set is handmade by artisans worldwide and includes a classic nec...

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  • Crystal Collections - By Gewellryz

    Crystal collections

    Original Price $309.76
    Current Price $154.88
    Only 1 left!


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  • Coral &pearl Set - By Gewellryz

    Coral &pearl set

    Original Price $605.00
    Current Price $302.50
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FAQs about Jewelry Sets

What is a Jewelry Set?

The term "jewelry set" refers to a suit of jewelry that combines matching pieces, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other accessories such as a headband or brooch.

The most common ones come with two or three pieces, but you can find some with four pieces and more! If you want to give someone special a beautiful gift, jewelry sets are a safe bet.

How many types of Jewelry Sets are there?

There are as many types as you can imagine! On our site, you can find a varied catalog with options ranging from birthstone jewelry sets for those who love to celebrate their birth month or the perfect jewelry gift sets for those who want to give loved ones something beautiful and special.

However, the most common jewelry sets you can purchase today include the following:

  • Gold jewelry sets
  • Sterling silver jewelry sets
  • Diamond studded jewelry sets
  • Pearl jewelry sets
  • Indian jewelry sets
  • Bridal jewelry sets
  • Kundan jewelry sets
  • Choker jewelry sets

What is an Indian bridal Jewelry Set?

Indian bridal jewelry sets are accessories Indian women often use at their weddings to enhance and complete their bridal looks. They are also essential in royal bridal gowns.

Generally, Indian jewelry sets include multi-layered necklaces, bangles, nose rings, and drop earrings. The most common also include maang tikkas, which are unique and beautiful pieces worn by Indian women on the forehead.

What are the gemstones used to make Jewelry Sets?

Our artisans work with a wide variety of gemstones, too. On our online store, you can buy jewelry with:

In addition to gemstones, you can also choose the materials you want for your jewelry pieces. Whether you are looking for jewelry sets for men or women, you can find some made with beds, brass, gold, rose gold, and silver in our store.

How can you store Jewelry Sets?

You cannot store your fashion jewelry sets anywhere. In fact, all your items need special care regardless of the material or gemstone you choose.

Therefore, if you want your jewelry pieces to last for a long time and maintain their beautiful appearance, you should follow some storage tips. First, avoid places with extreme temperatures. Jewelry with precious metals and gemstones should be stored at room temperature and away from direct sunlight to prevent tarnishing.

Other weather conditions, such as humidity, can damage your jewelry sets, too. That's why you should also ensure that your necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings are stored in dry places.

It's also important to keep your jewelry pieces well-organized in spaces with airflow. If they touch each other, they can spoil faster. There is nothing that can scratch your jewelry pieces more than other gemstones!

Multi-tiered drawers with dividers are great options for storing them. However, you should cover them with some cloth and make sure that your accessories rest smoothly so as not to damage them when you toss them. Jewelry slotted pads also work.

What are the best cleaning tips for Jewelry Sets?

  • Avoid abrasive products or techniques. You can clean most jewelry only with water, soap, and a soft cloth
  • Take your jewelry pieces to an experienced jeweler for cleaning and thorough inspection at least twice a year