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Handcrafted Jewelry

Looking for yourself or that special someone? Shop our handcrafted jewelry curated selection, ethically made by artisans around the world. Find your new favorite rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and earrings in Sterling Silver, 18K Gold in our jewelry store, and a large selection of gemstones: Topaz, Iolite, MoonstoneLapis Lazuli, Amethyst, and many more. Every purchase supports an artisan in an emerging country.

FAQs about Handmade Jewelry

Is Handcrafted Jewelry a nice gift?

Handmade jewelry is perfect as a gift. First of all, it is unique and you won’t see someone else wearing that same piece of jewelry. Secondly, it always tells a story. It is the story of the craftsmen who made it, his passion, love, and inspiration. Whenever you are thinking of surprising that special someone, artisanmade jewelry is a great present.

What is the difference between Handcrafted Jewelry and mass-produced jewelry?

Handmade jewelry is more authentic than mass-produced jewelry. No design can ever be exactly the same as the other. But this type of jewelry is also more intimate. By wearing it you are embracing the vision and emotions of the artisan who made it. Eventually, you develop an intimate relationship with that item. Most importantly, it is a synonym for quality, in an era full of low quality and industrially produced products. In other words, i's just the best jewelry there is out there.

How can you tell if jewelry is handcrafted?

There will usually be at least one other mark as well, a hallmark or a stamp, put there by the maker of the jewelry.

What gemstone should I choose for my Handcrafted Jewelry?

When you shop artisanal jewelry, you can pick from a wide range of choices in terms of gemstones: Emerald, Diamond, Ruby, Lapis Lazuli, Iolite, Moonstone, Aquamarine and many more. You may want to look for your birthstone, a particular healing property or favorite color.

Is Handcrafted Jewelry for women or for men?

While you can buy a lot of handmade jewelry for her on our online store, there are also many choices for men. From necklaces to bracelets and rings, all items can be worn by the gender you identify with. Just look for the right one on our website.

How do you care for Handcrafted Jewelry?

Before you buy a jewel, you should know how to take care of it. Store in a clean, dry place. Generally, handcrafted jewelry should only be put on after washing or applying any makeup, hair spray, gels, lotions or perfume. Keep away from extreme temperatures and over-exposure to direct sunlight. It is not recommended to wear your jewelry while swimming, showering, or washing hands. If you would like your handmade jewelry to last longer avoid contact with hand sanitizer, hand soap, alcohol and any other harmful chemicals, and do not soak in water.