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20% off on our express shipping collection
20% off on our express shipping collection

Lunch Boxes

Shop unique painted lunch boxes, handmade with love by Indian master artisans in Jaipur. Meet Mrinalika and her story behind the making in our blog. Are you a picnic enthusiast? Gear yourself up or make a thoughtful gift with a special piece. If you are loving these, don't miss our hand-painted tea sets and teapots. Every purchase supports an artisan in India.

FAQs about Lunch Boxes

What food can I put in these lunch boxes?

From fruits and snacks, to cold and warm food, you can carry almost anything. They are great to bring home food to work or go out on a picnic. We suggest to avoid carrying liquids or soups, as it may leak.

Does this lunch box keep food hot?

These painted lunch boxes aren't double insulated. Although, they will keep food hot or cold for around an hour. For cold food items, you can put an ice pack in the middle tier to keep them cool.

Where are these lunch boxes made?

Our lunch boxes are hand-painted by Mrinalika Jain and her team of master artisans in Jaipur, India.

What are these lunch boxes made out of?

Our lunch boxes are made out of food grade Stainless Steel and Enamel paint.

How to wash painted lunch boxes?

Painted lunch boxes are delicate. If you'd like yours to last longer, we suggest hand wash with a mild soap and cold water on the outside. Avoid scrubbing on the painted surface and normal wash on the inside. Very hot water can spoil the paint. They aren’t suitable for cooking, reheating, microwave, direct flame or hot plate. Better use is for picnic, serving and home decor.

What art styles do these painted lunch boxes represent?

Mrinalika works with men and women master artisans in northern Indian villages to preserve Mughal and Kashmiri fading art styles.

What are lunch box alternative names?

Lunch boxes -or lunchboxes- can be referred to as a dabba, or Indian-style tiffin carrier. In Japan, they can refer to as bento box.

What does Tiffin mean?

Tiffin is an Indian English word for a type of meal. It refers to a light tea-time meal at about 3pm, or to a light breakfast consisting of typical tea-time foods. When used in place of the word "lunch", however, it does not necessarily mean a light meal. The idea of the tiffin is believed to have emerged in the 19th century and credited to the British. The history of the tiffin box, however, dates back to a much earlier time. Essentially, a tiffin box or lunch box are stacked containers – one on top of the other – secured by an iron frame, it made carrying food easy.