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Moonstone Jewelry

Shop our Moonstone curated selection in our jewelry store, handmade by artisans around the world. Find your new favorite ring, bracelet, necklace and earring or make a unique gift to that special someone. Birthstone for the ones born in June, along with Pearl and Alexandrite. Discover our ethically crafted collection in Silver and Gold.

FAQs about Moonstone Jewelry

How to buy the perfect Moonstone jewelry?

There are 4 things to consider when buying Moonstone jewelry: color, cut, carat weight and clarity. Moonstone gemstones come in pink, peach, green, white, brown, gray and display adularescence. Buyers often look for stones that have a wider area of the blue sheen in the center of the stone. You may want to choose a polished stone. Moonstone is a rather soft gem that scratches easily. A faceted moonstone piece will be harder to repair and polish in case you scratched it. The best cut for moonstone is cabochons which show the natural phenomena of adularescence within the stone. However, faceted moonstones are increasing in popularity due to its ability of hiding inclusions within the stone. Jewelers often prefer 1 to 5 carats for jewelry designs. Larger and clearer stones of about 15 to 20 carats are very rare and of high value. In terms of clarity, the clearer the stone, the more valuable it is.

Is Moonstone jewelry expensive?

Moonstone jewelry is typically inexpensive due to its abundance. The highest priced moonstones are the whi