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Moonstone Rings

Buy a moonstone ring in sterling silver or gold and unlock your inner goddess. Associated with the crown chakra and divine feminine energy, this rainbow gemstone can re-energize the mind and body. Channel hope, sensitivity, abundance and wash negativity away with our handmade selection of moonstone rings. Birthstone for the month of June, find the perfect ring in our site.

Every purchase supports an artisan in an emerging country.

FAQs about Moonstone Rings

How do you choose the right Moonstone ring?

Finding the best jewelry is no easy task. When it comes to this birthstone, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the stone’s color because Moonstone comes in several varieties: pink, peach, green, white, and even brown or gray. Secondly, pay attention to the cut. The most popular one is cabochons because it highlights the natural phenomena of adularescence. Another good option is to buy a moonstone ring with a faceted stone, whose popularity is rising for its ability to hide inclusions. For what concerns carats, jewelers prefer designs from 1 to 5 since clearer stones of about 15 to 20 carats are scarce and of high value. In terms of clarity, the more transparent the stone, the more valuable it is.

Are Moonstone rings expensive?

Price is not the first factor you take into consideration when you decide to buy jewelry. However, it might please you to know that, on average, you can purchase a moonstone ring at reasonable prices. The most expensive stone variants are the white ones, with pale blue shades inside, and rainbow ones.

Is a Moonstone ring a good gift?

If you want to gift jewelry that make an impression, keep in mind that Moonstone is ideal for those who often find themselves a victim of their own inner tides. It is well suited to those with an unstable temperament and mood swings. This stone can be used indiscriminately by men and women, although the affinity with the female sex is more evident.

Is Moonstone a birthstone?

Yes, Moonstone is one of the three June’s birthstones, along with Pearl and Alexandrite.