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20% off on our express shipping collection
20% off on our express shipping collection


Mother's Day 2023

Shop unique gifts for this upcoming Mother's Day. Every purchase makes a positive impact.
  • Handmade Rainbow Moonstone Ring - By Finesilverstudio Jewelry

    Handmade Rainbow Moonstone Ring

    Finesilverstudio Jewelry
    Original Price $80.00
    Current Price $40.00
    5 Reviews
    21 in stock

    A Moonstone ring for the modern bohemian! This handmade adjustable ring, crafted from exquisite rainbow Moonstone and sterling silver, is a unique ...

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  • Rings Half moon ring Moonstone Handmade jewelry Rainbow Birthday gift June birthstone boho - by jaipur art jewels

    Handmade Half Moon Moonstone Ring

    jaipur art jewels
    Original Price $75.60
    Current Price $37.80
    2 reviews
    58 in stock

    This Moonstone ring is a beautifully handcrafted piece created with an artisanal touch. Featuring the rainbow hues of genuine moonstone and its hig...

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  • Rings moonstone silver ring rainbow cut jewellery - by Maya Studio

    Handmade Real Moonstone Ring

    Maya Studio
    Original Price $73.60
    Current Price $36.80
    2 reviews

    Take your look to the next level with this one-of-a-kind Moonstone ring! This handmade silver ring features a beautiful rainbow Moonstone cut that ...

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