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Opal Jewelry

Shop the very best of unique, artisan-made opal jewelry in our online store. These exquisite ethically-crafted pieces make the perfect gift- for others or for yourself! Discover the intricate beauty of opal stones from around the world. Support global artists and craftsmen in the process.

FAQs about Opal Jewelry

Do opals make a good jewelry gift?

Opals are an excellent choice of gift jewelry. If you are looking for a present that someone can cherish, one of the handcrafted artisanal opal rings on our website hit the mark.

Several things make opals a good choice for gift-giving. First, they are beautiful. The colors are almost ethereal, and there are so many looks to choose from. Secondly, opal is long-lasting a durable when properly cared for, so they can enjoy it for years to come.

Also, opals don’t have to be expensive. The pieces for sale on our site are affordable, so they don’t blow the gift-giving budget.

If you want someone to know how special they are in your eyes, gift them an opal as unique as they are.

How do I care for my Opal Jewelry?

Always remove your opal jewelry before washing or swimming- and avoid otherwise submerging it in water. Although most opals can withstand it, over time this can dull the shine as water seeps into the stone.

To clean the stone, only use mild soap and a damp cloth- no harsh chemicals! The water should be warm, but not hot. Also, avoid using cold water to clean your opal.

When you are not wearing it, keep it in a soft bag. Real opals like humidity, so if you will be putting it away for a while, store it with cotton wool that has a few water drops in a sealed plastic bag.

Lastly, you can treat your opal with oil or wax- but speak to an expert before trying it yourself.

Why is handcrafted Opal Jewelry the best jewelry?

Opals are special stones and deserve to be displayed in unique ways that show off their spirit. When you buy jewelry that is mass-produced, it can sometimes lose that effect. Purchase handmade, artisan opal pieces created with care, on the other hand, and you have a stunning statement piece that stands out from the crowd.

Where do the opals come from?

These gorgeous stones are found in many places, including parts of Africa, South America, and Australia. Many of the opals used in the Discovered online jewelry store come from Ethiopia.

All our opal jewelry is sourced from ethical backgrounds and supports artisans in the area.

Is opal jewelry suitable for men and women?

Absolutely. Men and women can both enjoy the artisanal craft of opal jewelry. Opals are one of the most versatile gemstones and can be especially curated to suit a particular style. The timeless beauty of an opal stone crosses the boundaries of all genders.

Why don’t all opals look the same, and which one should I choose?

One of the best things about opals is the sheer variety of appearances. Some look like a milky way has been captured in a stone- others have a deep, earthy appearance. You also get pink opals and dendritic opals, which are completely different.

The best opal to choose depends on your preference. If you are shopping for yourself, go with whatever grabs your attention the most. Dendritic opals are an ideal alternative for a sophisticated jewelry look if you are not into sparkles.

As a gift, a natural, ethically sourced opal is best. These are what most people recognize as the classic opal look, so it is a safe way to go. The good thing is that no two are exactly the same, so every piece of jewelry has a one-of-a-kind twist.