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Tanzanite Jewelry

Are you looking for beautiful Tanzanite Jewelry to gift your loved ones? We have a variety of handmade Tanzanite rings and Tanzanite necklaces in our shop. Purchase your favorite jewelry piece from a range of artisanal items, such as bracelets, dainty pendants, rare stone earrings, and rings covered in Sterling Silver.

Sort through our handcrafted items and discover pieces that speak to you.

FAQs about Tanzanite Jewelry

Is Tanzanite jewelry expensive?

Tanzanite jewelry is one of the most valuable and rare gems in the world as of now. The scarcity of the gemstones makes them extremely expensive and desired by artisans globally. Not many know that Tanzanite is only found in one area, which makes it even harder to produce and cultivate.

Per carat price of Tanzanite can range from $100 to a hefty amount of $900 or more. There are also other factors that affect the price changes in Tanzanite gemstones, including color, quality, and clarity.

On top of that, the type of cut given to the gemstone also determines its retail value as Tanzanite rings or Tanzanite necklaces. Buyers should purchase Tanzanite pieces from a reliable jewelry store unless they want to get scammed by shady online stores.

How can you tell if Tanzanite is real?

Found only on the steep hills of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzanite has slowly become one of the rarest gemstones on the planet. As a result, the demand for this gemstone has skyrocketed in recent times, with dupes being sold as originals on many jewelry websites too.

How can you tell if a Tanzanite is real or fake? Like most gemstones, authentic Tanzanite jewelry will also emit three specific colors when brought under natural lighting. You should be able to spot hints of violet, pink and red.

Is Tanzanite more precious than a Diamond?

Although much rarer than Diamond, Tanzanite isn’t as precious as its counterpart, but it is equally desired by ethical craftsmen globally. Diamond only takes the bag here due to its exceptional hardness, durability, and shine.

However, Tanzanite gives its shinier competitor a good match by being extremely rare and gorgeous in terms of appearance and quality.

Is Tanzanite actually rare?

This unique gemstone is approximately 1,000 times rarer than other stones, even diamonds. In fact, global statistics claim Tanzanite will be completely mined out by the next few decades, which makes it even rarer.

The rarity of the stone is one of the reasons why it is so expensive. On top of that, only selected global craftsmen can turn Tanzanite into wearable jewelry. As a result, artisan-made, unique pieces are priced high all over the world.

Why is handmade jewelry such as this so expensive?

Handmade Tanzanite rings and Tanzanite necklaces are ethically crafted by craftsmen with years of expertise on the job. No two pieces will be the same, and that’s the beauty of it.

Each item is made to be owned by the buyer, providing an intimate connection between the jewelry and the owner. The uniqueness of handcrafted jewelry makes it an ideal gift to buy for loved ones.