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20% off on our express shipping collection

Toe Rings

Buy toe rings and complete your feminine look. These handmade rings come in Silver and Gold and are popular all over the world. After all, feet have become the epitome of women’s sensuality. Purchase a toe ring from our online store and free your erotic spirit. Every purchase supports an artisan in an emerging country.

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FAQs about Toe Rings

What does a Toe Ring symbolize?

Toe rings are also commonly known as Bicchiya, and they have a huge cultural background, as they first appeared in India as a sign of marriage. They are, of course, also worn in other places throughout the world. One fun fact about toe rings is that they must never be removed until the person dies.

Why do females wear Toe Rings?

Many Hindu women wear toe rings to regulate their menstrual cycle and increase the chances of getting pregnant, as they believe the slight pressure on their second toe helps to ensure a healthy uterus. It is also believed to make sex easier for women who suffer from painful intercourse.

Is it okay to wear Toe Rings?

Yes, but the way you wear them can be determined by their purpose. If you want to wear them for fashion purposes, you may wear them wherever you want, and you can even wear several on both feet.

However, if they're a marriage symbol, you must only wear one on your second toe, and you can't ever remove it.

Which toe is best for a Toe Ring?

The ideal place for wearing a toe ring is on the second toe, directly next to the big toe. To ensure it doesn't slip off, you need to make sure it is at the center or just below the first joint. You may need to apply some pressure to slide it on, and several users' testimonies confirm that using some Windex helps a lot to slide it in place.

Why do boys wear Toe Rings?

Indian men use toe rings for different purposes than women, which is why they wear them differently. Some of them use one toe ring on each big toe as a sign of power, masculinity, and strength.

They may also use them on other toes for medical purposes, as they believe that applying pressure to specific spots on the toes promotes healing.

How tight should a Toe Ring be?

Typically, you are going to need to apply moisture to get your toe ring on and off, but there must always be a small space between your toe and the ring. Make sure you can always spin it around to not cut your toe's blood supply. If everything is fine, you shouldn't feel anything after a day of wearing it.

What is the average Toe Ring size?

Many people know their ring size, but not everyone knows their toe ring size. Therefore, it may be surprising to find out that they are the same as the US standard ring sizing chart and come in sizes one to seven. 

The most common sizes for men range around five to seven, but you can order your toe rings in half sizes to ensure they fit perfectly. To avoid any confusion, you can find the available size for all our handmade jewelry on our website.

How do I know if my Toe Ring is too tight?

There are several ways of knowing whether your ring is too tight. Some of the most common are the following:

  • It doesn't slide over your toe's knuckle with ease even after applying moisture

  • The ring doesn't spin around your toe

  • Your toe is turning red or purple

Does your toe size change when you lose weight?

Yes, your toe size is likely going to change once you lose weight, as all your body stores fat, including your toes.