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Unusual Rings

Buy your new unusual ring and change your style! Our exclusive selection fits women and men, comes in Silver and Brass and embraces all kinds of styles, from boho to maximalist and minimalistHandmade and ethically crafted by artisans around the world, unusual rings are what you need to shake things up. Every purchase supports an artisan in an emerging country.

  • Rings Stackable bent in silver

    Stackable bent Rings in silver

    Stories of Silver&Silk
    Original Price $110.70
    Current Price $55.35

    This set of 3 stackable Rings is handmade from 95-98% Silver. The rings are bent in order to obtain an irregular twist shape, two are scratched and...

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FAQs about Unusual Rings

What makes an Unusual Ring?

Unusual rings can be just about anything. They often feature intricate details that go around the finger, may use raised pieces to add texture and intrigue, and could have prism-like jewels in the middle.

These rings are often not found anywhere else. While some call them unique, there is more than one in the world, so that’s not technically true. However, they look much different than traditional styles. They may have two small bands interconnected by a jewel in the middle, have a wide band, or have various details that make them different.

Are Unusual Rings considered a nice gift?

Unusual rings are perfect gifts! They’re unique, so you’re unlikely to see someone else in your area with the same one. Plus, they often tell a story. These rings are designed for you to feel something whenever you look at them. It’s often telling when you wear it, and you can use it as a conversation starter.

Are Unusual Rings mass produced?

Typically, unusual rings aren’t mass-produced. While two pieces are never perfectly the same, these are more intimate. When you wear it, you embrace the emotions and vision of the artisan who created it. Likewise, you probably feel a certain way whenever you see it, which means you put it on to get that same excitement.

Overall, unique rings like these focus on purity. Most mass-produced products are of a lower quality, and the manufacturers don’t care about longevity. As long as it makes it to the wearer, they feel confident in what they’ve sold.

Artisans aren’t like that. They care about the wearer and create pieces that inspire conversation, emotions, and feeling things within yourself.

How do you know if your Jewelry is Unusual?

Typically, you can see a stamp or hallmark from the jewelry maker. However, that’s often hard to indicate from jewelry websites.

Another great way to determine if the jewelry is unusual is to look at it! You’re sure to feel that it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen. When you go to the jewelry store, you mainly see small bands, few designs and details, and a simple gemstone. That’s often not the case with unusual rings.

Are Unusual Rings for men or women?

When you shop jewelry online, you can filter the results to find unusual rings for men or women. Some are unisex and appear in both categories.

How should you care for your Unique and Handcrafted Jewelry?

Before you buy jewelry, it’s important to know how to maintain it. Store your unique rings in a dry, clean place. Make sure that you’re only putting on handmade rings after you wash your hands/body, apply makeup, or use perfume, lotions, gels, and hairspray.

These pieces should not get exposed to extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. Consider removing them while showering, washing your hands, and swimming.

Most people want their unusual rings to last longer. The ring should avoid any contact with hand soap, hand sanitizer, and other harmful chemicals.

Why buy Online Jewelry?

It’s often easier to buy jewelry online. You can browse through many categories, filter things out to get exactly what you want, and take your time. Whether it’s a gift for a loved one or something for yourself, you should make sure that it speaks to you in some way.

Should you remove your Unusual Rings periodically?

It’s not usually a bad thing to continuously wear jewelry of any kind. However, you should clean it regularly and make sure that the materials don’t irritate the skin.

There’s a potential to damage the unusual rings if you wear them constantly because they could come into contact with soap, alcohol, lotion, hairspray, and other chemicals.