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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Discovered. We really love to hear from you and get to know you. Here are the answers to some of the most asked questions:

Questions about buying on Discovered:

When can I expect my package?

The products you buy on Discovered are sent by the sellers themselves and in most cases straight from their workshop. We ask our sellers to post each product within 3 working days after you ordered. Sometimes they need more time, as they may have to make the item especially for you. The time it takes for the seller to post your purchase is indicated by this icon

Depending on the type of shipment you choose (standard or express) and the country of origin, packages normally take 10 - 21 days to reach you. Not all sellers will be able to provide tracking info but we will keep you informed when your product is on its way.

Why are there so many different shipping costs?

All products are shipped from the seller's location and every seller has his own way of shipping his products to you. They can use local post services or international courier services. Or deliver it to you personally. Though that might not happen too often.

How is the price of a product set up?

Sellers set their own prices (the price you see displayed on the site). Whenever a product is being sold we deduct our commission (5-15%) and transfer the remaining amount directly to the seller. Shipping costs are calculated by each seller and are based on their location, your location and the type of service offered. We don’t charge any commission on the shipping cost. We do work with our sellers to set a realistic price, compared to the competition for example, as often they are not used to selling internationally.

How do I pay?

You can pay with PayPal and with the most common credit cards. When you hold a debit card for a Dutch bank you can also pay using iDeal. Last but not least you can pay with a Discovered gift card.

Can I talk directly to the seller?

You can! Even more so, we hope you do. On every seller's profile page you see the option "contact seller". Just click it and you can send a direct e-mail. Feel free to ask questions about the product and how it is made or even if the seller can make something slightly especially for you. When you've placed an order you can also use the comment field in your order overview to contact the seller.

I've changed my mind. Can I return the item?

Of course we hope that that won’t happen and that you absolutely love what you bought. Our guiding regulation is that all sales through Discovered are final and cannot be returned unless the seller has specifically said so otherwise. You can find seller specific shipping policies on each product page. Naturally we also expect the sellers on Discovered to send you what they’ve promised. If you feel that is not the case, please do contact us so that we can work with you and the seller to resolve the matter.

If you’ve used iDeal as a payment method there’s a so-called “cooling off period” which expires 14 days after you’ve received the product. It includes that you can’t use or wear the product if you’re still considering keeping it. Also, cost may apply to return the item to the seller.

I haven’t received my package. Do you know where it might be?

That’s not what we want. How long has it been since you’ve placed your order on Discovered? Depending on the type of shipment you choose (standard or express) and the country of origin, packages normally take 10 - 21 days to reach you. If you bought the product (much) longer ago you may want to ask the seller for a tracking number. You can contact artisans directly from their profile page by selecting “contact seller”. This will open up an e-mail message. You can also leave a comment for the seller in your order overview. When you find it difficult to reach the seller directly, please contact us and we will help you to trace the package and have it delivered to you as soon as possible.

There’s something wrong with the package I received. What do I do now?

We carefully select all sellers on Discovered and work closely with each one of them to ensure they send the right product and wrap it carefully so that it won’t damage on the way. But then again, we’re all human and your package typically travels a long way on the back of a motorbike or in a rickshaw, then on the plane and perhaps through snowy white streets before it reaches you. If you’re not happy with what you received because it is not what you ordered, the amount you ordered is different from what you received or it is damaged please do let us know. We will work with you and the seller to make sure you receive what you hoped for.

I received my product but had to pay extra to the delivery guy. Why is that?

Unfortunately we can't wipe out all rules and regulations with regards to VAT and import duties. Such regulations are set by the country in which you live and depend on the type of product you bought as well as they product price. You can check your country's custom's website to find out more.

Is Discovered fair trade?

Fair to us is that artisans can sell directly to you and receive a price for their products that respects their craftsmanship and creativity. And thus that profits are made by the makers themselves and not by other people in between.

We have decided to join the B Corp movement and are certified by B Lab who looks at businesses' social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. In short as a B Corp we strive to not just be the best in the world but also be the best for the world.

Find out more about B Corp here:

If you need help with any of the above or the answer to your question is not in the FAQ, please do get in touch at We’ll make sure to respond within two working days.

Questions about selling on Discovered:

How do I open a store?

Simply go to "Open a shop" and answer the questions on the registration form. We love it if you also upload a few products so that we get a good idea of what you offer.

Discovered is committed to working with artisans and organizations selling handmade goods who share our ideas on artisan's welfare, safe working places and fair income. After you've submitted your registration form we will contact you within 2 working days to discuss your application and where relevant help you to set up your shop in the best possible way.

What can I sell on Discovered?

We love handmade and encourage the use of recycled materials as well as locally sourced materials. All products sold on Discovered are handmade and every seller on Discovered is directly involved in the design and production of goods sold in their shop. The product you (helped) create and want to sell should fit into one of our main categories: jewelry, accessories, or home décor.

How much do I have to pay to have a shop on Discovered?

Opening a store and listing your products is free of charge. You only pay when you sell a product. When you upload your products, you fill in the price that the customer pays. This is the price displayed to buyers on the site. When a product is sold we deduct our commission and transfer the remaining amount to you.

What happens if someone wants to buy one of my products?

This is where the fun begins! With each product sold you will receive an e-mail notification. So be sure to register with an e-mail account that you use daily. Then you are in charge: wrap your product, ship it to the customer and making someone happy.

When do I receive my money?

When a customer buys one of your products using a credit card or PayPal the payment will be transferred into your PayPal account immediately. When a customer pays using a Discovered gift card or through iDeal payment service, there might be a maximum of two working days in between the purchase and the money received on your PayPal account. You will receive the total sum of your selling price -/- our commission + shipping cost.

I don't have PayPal. Can you transfer the money into my bank account?

That's a bit difficult and that is exactly why we choose to work with PayPal - to make it easy and fast to transfer the money to you. If you're not really sure how to set up a PayPal account, do let us know. We are here to help!

Don't forget to check out the Discovered Academy for more insights on how to set up your shop and how to use your account.

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