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Worldwide orders take about 2-3 weeks to arrive. Read more here.
Worldwide orders take about 2-3 weeks to arrive. Read more here.

Hammered copper water bottle


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Stay hydrated, whether you're at home or on the road, with a hammered copper water bottle! There's no doubt the shine of these water bottles will grab the attention of all your friends. Fortunately, these copper water bottles make great gifts too. 


To make your copper water bottle last, wash it by hand. Make sure to avoid putting your water bottle in the dishwasher as the detergent can cause your water bottle to oxidize, leading to permanent damage. A simple, mild cleaning liquid on soap base, hot water and a soft washing cloth is best for daily use.


Copper Hammered Bottle, Color: Copper, Material: Pure Copper, Weight: 290 Grams, Contents: 950 ML

Copper Designer Bottle With Lid, Designer Copper bottle, Yoga Water Bottle, Joint free and Leak Proof Water Bottle for Ayurveda Benefits

PRODUCT Description : Copper Bottle 1 Peace
Size: 950 ML
Weight: 290-300 Grams approx

100% Pure Copper Bottle We understand you. You want to stay healthy utilizing nature blessings. Drinking water from Copper Splash Pure Copper water bottle does that job for you. Keep water overnight in the bottle and it will imbibe all the medicinal and Ayurveda benefits to the water.

Pure copper water bottle from Copper Splash is hand crafted for best Ayurveda health benefits. Copper water bottle with lid is 100% leak proof bottle. It is joint free water bottle thus very sleek in look. It can be used as a style statement. From centuries, Science and Ayurveda both highly recommend drinking water from a copper vessel. Just fill these bottles and leave them for 3 hours, best if kept overnight. Water gets Copper properties and its benefits during this time. It kills undesirable bacteria and viruses and the resultant water gets charged with the health benefiting qualities of the copper. Drink it as soon as you get up in the morning. It's recommended to drink the water at room temperature. Copper darkens naturally over a period of time and requires cleaning from time to time. 


Health Benefits of Using Copper Bottle and Vessels
■ Anemia ■ Low body temperature ■ Brittle bones ■ Osteoporosis ■ Dilated veins ■ Low white blood cell count ■ Uneven heartbeat ■ Elevated cholesterol levels
■ Low resistance to infections ■ Birth defects ■ Low skin pigmentation ■ Thyroid disorders ■ Hair Loss ■ Sores ■ Paleness

Top ten reasons why drinking from a copper water bottle can change your life:
1. Improves the Digestive System

Drinking from a copper water bottle is very beneficial to the digestive system. It flushes out the stomach and digestive tract and helps detox the liver and kidneys. It also increases the absorption of nutrients from food and helps encourage peristalsis, which is the rhythmic contraction and relaxation of the stomach that helps digest food and move it through the digestive system. Drinking from our copper vessels also helps kill harmful bacteria and prevent an upset stomach.

2. Builds a Strong Immune System

Copper is well-known for its incredible anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. Copper is especially effective against E. coli and S.aureus, two bacteria that are commonly found in our environment and are known to cause severe illnesses in the human body. In fact, recent studies have shown that storing water in a copper vessel will dramatically decrease the risk of bacterial contamination. Copper water vessels have been used for centuries in countries around the world (like India) that lack a good sanitation system in order to help prevent water-borne diseases.

3. Supports Weight Loss

In addition to improving the functioning of your digestive system and building a strong immune system, drinking from a copper water bottle will help your body


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