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Worldwide orders take about 2-3 weeks to arrive. Read more here.
Worldwide orders take about 2-3 weeks to arrive. Read more here.

Natural Peridot Gemstone Ring- Solid 925 Sterling Silver Ring,-August Birthstone Jewelry -Unique Designer Peridot All Ring Size


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Natural Peridot Gemstone Ring- Solid 925 Sterling Silver Ring Size 7.5 -August Birthstone Jewelry -Unique Designer Peridot Ring Size 7.5

Item Code : AGR-31663-04-3

Weight (Approx) : 3.75 Grams

Size/Dimension (Approx) : USA 7.5

Gemstone : Peridot

Stone Shape : Round

Stone Color : Green

Peridot is a magnesium iron silicate mineral with a hardness of 7. Its crystal system is orthorhombic and it generally forms in short, compact prisms which are vertically striated.
Color: Its olive to lime green color is caused by iron.
Meaning: The name Peridot is of Greek origin and the meaning is not known.
Source: Important sources of Peridot are in Pakistan, Burma, Australia, Brazil, South Africa and the United States.
Myth: Peridot was viewed as a symbol of the Sun and royalty and is still believed to be a stone of prosperity and abundance.


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