Cube tower just for kids

Cube tower just for kids

Cube tower just for kids
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5 heavy duty, solid wood blocks stack to create tower


5 heavy duty, solid wood blocks stack to create tower

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Selling through Discovered creates more income for artisans. They can set the price they want to receive for the products themselves. By cutting out all middlemen, artisans receive at least 20% more for their products. This is what we call fairer trade.
Discovered is dedicated to creating positive impact. Not all artisans work alone. Sometimes they work in groups or collectives, are helped by not for profit organizations or work for social businesses. We select our partners to ensure more artisans have work make at least 10% above average wage.
We are committed to crafts. We encourage artisans to make products using traditional crafts and techniques. Making products mainly by hand or with easy accessible tools or common available machines. We believe this is important to keep alive.
We love handmade. We also feel strongly about preserving the world we live in. That’s why we work with our partners & artisans to stimulate using local materials and natural resources, and paying special attention to packaging & shipping.

Terry  C.


I purchased this as a gift. Every year I buy my cousins daughter a scarf; she adores scarfs. This year I received a call to thank me for the gift. I was informed that this scarf was far too nice to wear. It is now displayed on the wall in her lounge. A special scarf for a special lady treated as a special piece of art.

Red and orange bandhini scarf

Mel W.

Fantastic Natural Toy - a winner in our house!

Our kids play with these beautiful blocks every day - they allow imagination to roam and are really beautifully made.

Creative kids baby building blocks

Cube tower just for kids


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With Loveknits, we make some of the coolest hand-made products ranging from home furnishings to toys and gift items. I promote the craftsmen of these exception...

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