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Handmade Unique blue butterfly Earrings

Handmade by
Priyo Salim


Handmade sterling silver earrings. Created out of love for butterflies. Crafted by the people of ‘Priyo Salim Design’ in Indonesia.

"For me designing is something that I always need, not just want. I can concentrate my creative soul in the process." (Priyo Salim)

Experience the creativeness of the people from ‘Priyo Salim Design’. These earrings are made of real butterfly wings of the ‘Papilio Ulysses’ or also called ‘Blue Mountain Butterfly’. How more unique can earrings be?

The size of these earrings is 5X2 cm. The butterfly wings are covered with a solid material. The borders are made of sterling silver. So this butterfly can be forever with you.

“You will not be happy just by wearing the jewelry, but also by the love that the jewelry carries.” (Priyo Salim)

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I am Priyo Salim
Indonesia, Asia

I design silver jewelry in Kotagede, the heart of the silversmiths in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I love to make sure that my designs are unique. Therefore I continu

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