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BW photgraphy "Home" Home Decor

Handmade by
Vishesh Wanvari

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The photo is of a little boy sleeping beside his sister's lap on the streets of Dadar Bhaaji market in Mumbai. It depicts how peaceful it is for the boy sleeping right next to his sister in broad daylight on one of Mumbai's most crowded and noisiest streets. It shows that a roof is not what is important to make a home, but its the emotions and the people you live with that make it home. Life is not all about materialistic aspects such as money and power, but what one needs in life to truly be at peace with themselves are just their family and a peaceful state of mind where they accept their situation. Accepting their situation does not mean that they are not ambitious to make their life better and become successful. Accepting their situation refers to not complaining and cribbing about the state of their life, but rather living it peacefully and happily with the people they love and moving forward with a positive attitude. Only if one learns to take on life with a positive attitude is it that they are successful. No one is born successful or powerful, everyone must earn his or her success. Many successful men like Amithabh Bachan and Shah Rukh Khan started off their career with nothing. They were just like this little boy sleeping on roads and stations, but it was their peace of mind and their ambition, which led them to their success and made them such inspirational people. The way everyone have their own stories, this boy might have his too. Today this boy is sleeping on the road; tomorrow he might be someone great.

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I am Vishesh Wanvari
India, Asia

My name is Vishesh Wanvari and I love clicking photographs. I live in Mumbai and have been clicking photographs in and around Mumbai since I was thirteen. I pre

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