Beautiful Rose Cross Body Bag Hill Tribe Fabric

Beautiful Rose Cross Body Bag Hill Tribe Fabric

Beautiful Rose Cross Body Bag Hill Tribe Fabric
Beautiful Rose Cross Body Bag Hill Tribe Fabric
Beautiful Rose Cross Body Bag Hill Tribe Fabric
Beautiful Rose Cross Body Bag Hill Tribe Fabric
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Machine Embroidered New Fabric

Cloth Strap


Machine Embroidered New Fabric

Cloth Strap

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Selling through Discovered creates more income for artisans. They can set the price they want to receive for the products themselves. By cutting out all middlemen, artisans receive at least 20% more for their products. This is what we call fairer trade.
Discovered is dedicated to creating positive impact. Not all artisans work alone. Sometimes they work in groups or collectives, are helped by not for profit organizations or work for social businesses. We select our partners to ensure more artisans have work make at least 10% above average wage.
We are committed to crafts. We encourage artisans to make products using traditional crafts and techniques. Making products mainly by hand or with easy accessible tools or common available machines. We believe this is important to keep alive.
We love handmade. We also feel strongly about preserving the world we live in. That’s why we work with our partners & artisans to stimulate using local materials and natural resources, and paying special attention to packaging & shipping.

Cori F.

I love my purse!

It arrived in a timely manner, it’s as beautiful as the pictured advert, well made, and suits my purposes perfectly. It’s the best! I love it.👍🏾💗👍🏾

Small Bird Tote Pom Pom Strap


Beautiful bag

I reccieved a really beautiful yoga bag. Just as the picture and big enough for my mat. I am very happy with it!

Artisan Bird Yoga Bag



I bought two bags! They arrived pretty quickly from Thailand, and they are so vibrant and beautiful, and would easily be three times what I paid for them if I bought them here in LA. I gave my mom one and kept one for myself! I also spent a long time searching for sustainable craftsmanship, rather than purchase from a corporation, so this website helped me do exactly that. Cheers!

jan g.

hmong stone and bead necklace

Most beautiful. Well crafted and colourful . Love the blues and the reds interwoven in this piece. Perfect for summertime!

Hmong Made Necklace with Stones & Beads

Daphne B.

amazingly beautiful

I just got this wallet today in the mail. And I love it! The material is very solid, there is room for 8 ' creditcard' and the fabric is beautiful. It is only more red/orange then pink. I'm super happy with my purchase:)

Pink Hand Woven Hmong Wallet With Stripes

Beautiful Rose Cross Body Bag Hill Tribe Fabric


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