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Safari Ring with garnet beads

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My jewelry collection is based on ancient teachings and wisdoms.

Each piece has its own wisdom card expression & what it empowers.

"On Safari" Ring
WISDOM CARD: what is being part of the process in being tamed.

Expresses: Pursing to be tamed
Empower: Desire

Adjustable ring fits all sizes
Ring band width: 1/2 in.
Materials used: Sterling Silver, 22 Kt. Gold Vermeil (gold plating over sterling silver),
Garnet beads

Sacredness is about empoweRing your beliefs; enabling simple processes of self adornment as a celebration in your daily living. This can help make one's life more dynamic in the myths we create... where inner power resides.

***Know that when you purchase this piece 100% of the profit goes towards creating FREE edutainment programs for the local children of Bali, Indonesia through

These Collections are about our "Celebration Circle". It has been our personal 'initiation' into the mystery of creating a jewelry collections that go beyond what we traditionally think as 'work of art'.

We intensively research the reasons for creating such jewelry collections. We even moved our family to a remote village, next to Taman Ayun Temple (recently selected as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO) to live among the local people. We wanted to experience first hand the sacredness of such a creative culture. This process has helped us to better understand the meaning of living and being in 'Illumination'.

We ended up with collections that went beyond how jewelry is perceived to us! Beyond the deliverables of creative products, we wanted to share 'ancient fRag Rugments' of wisdom from a culture such a Bali and Philosophies of the ancient. In short , we landed through a 'strengthening' to a place of 'knowing' , hence our collection is called 'Moments in Expression'.

We found the root word of 'jewelry' leads back to the Latin word 'jocale' , meaning plaything; this definitely changed our creative processes. 'Moments in Expression" collections hope to influence your expressive moments through contagious enthusiasm. We believe through creative actions of creating your personal adornment; with you as the masterpiece, will affirm your intent for a more dynamic life to live an share. We hope by initiating playful and sagacious meanings via our jewelry collections, it will create and intensify new expressions for living in celebrations.

The initiations of your celebrations and /or just in your every day living can begin with 'Moments in Expression'. We wish to affirm your intentions with inspirational 'playthings' for those adorn moments to inspire living each moment as an expressive 'living art'!

Philanthropic by design,

Tracy Christine Nguyen

Materialsterling silver
Colorgrey / silver
Coloryellow / gold

Ship ToStandardExpress
I ship using the postal system either standard or EMS (express mail service) from Bali , Indonesia. Standard shipping $7.95-12.00 2-3weeks EMS express mail $30.00 7-10 days If your purchase is a gift, I will be happy to ship it directly to the recipient with a short message on the wisdom card for you.
Tracy photo with jewelry
I am Moments in Expression
Indonesia, Asia

Proceeds from your jewelry purchases will go towards facilities and implementing free "Celebration Programs" for children in rural places

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