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Handcrafted Kathakali Dancer Painted Teapot

Handmade by
Rithika Kumar

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Kathakali dancer-hand-painted teapot/pot from India

I'm Rithika Kumar an artist living in Mumbai,i run a niche art studio called Pyjama Party. All art pieces are designed and painted by me i love using bright colours with Indian motifs with a western edge. Pyjama Party's range of colourful hand-painted pots add a dash of quirky, funky, kitsch to your home. Intricate detailing and vibrant colours makes for a perfect pot to serve tea in or as a decor piece.

The artwork on this colourful pot finds its roots in beautifully vibrant state of Kerala and South India.On one side of the pot we have the flamboyant Kathakali dancer and on the other the delicate Bharatanatyam dancer,both dance forms originate from Southern India.

Kathakali is the classical dance form of Kerala. The word Kathakali literally means "Story-Play". Kathakali is known for its heavy, elaborate makeup and costumes. In fact, the colorful and fascinating costumes of Kathakali have become the most recognized icon of Kerala. Kathakali is considered as one of the most magnificent theatres of imagination and creativity. Kathakali dance presents themes derived from the Ramayana, the Mahabharata and other Hindu epics, mythologies and legends.

The dance aspect of Kathakali consists of pure dance (nritya) as well as mime (abhinaya). Initially Kathakali was thought to be the sole domain of men but now women also perform the dance. Like all other dance forms Kathakali has also undergone changes over the time.

All paints used are non-toxic and waterproof

Care instructions: Kindly refrain from using an abrasive scrub on the outer surface of the pot

Use:The pot can be used to serve tea[please do not place on a direct flame],it can be used as a decor piece or a quirky plant holder

Weight: 1 kg
Length: 25 cm Width: 20 cm Height: 25 cm

Base material of the pot-Aluminium

Coloryellow / gold

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I am Rithika Kumar
India, Asia

I'm an artist and illustrator from Mumbai, and I run a niche art studio called Pyjama Party where I design and paint quirky, colourful products.

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