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Artisan Upcycled Black Backpack

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This smart vegan leather, eco-friendly exclusive backpack is perfect for business purpose and adds a punch to make a fashionable statement for you. The Black Tiger bag comes with an elegant and robust design to keep all the essentials like laptop, charger, stationery, books, clothes etc. Its neat design makes your personality different, rich and unique among the mass.

1. Waterproof and eco-friendly as it is made out of recycled inner tube
2. Robust and sturdy and highly durable
3. Two separated compartments.
4. One 3 small pocket with zip outside on left side.
5. One outside pocket on right side.
6. Integrated 3 small pockets inside for stationery like pen/markers and 3 small note book
7. Integrated cushion padding to protect laptop
8. Adjustable straps
9. Integrated name tag
10. Integrated head phone holder

Available with different color zippers. In stock: blue, orange, grey and yellow. Other colors can be ordered. Please mention your product number: REFerence with your order.

The product texture may slightly differ due to every bag has its own identity and different texture pattern.

Feel proud to carry Eco Wings recycled tire tube bags and be a green contributor

Materialrubber inner tube

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Shipping within 2 to 3 days.
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EcoWings is India's finest brand for upcycled lifestyle accessory products. EcoWings connects you to nature with fashion and style.

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