Handmade Leather Messenger Bag with Green Canvas Lining

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To create our bags we work with two brothers in India called Pinu and Manish who we visit every year. Pinu and Manish share responsibility such as sourcing materials, distributing the work between the communities, paying tailors and managing orders.

For The Forest Collection the leather comes from abattoirs where the animals have come from small scale and community farming. These bags do not use any chemical tanning as this process has drastic effects on local water supplies and workers health. In fact in the main tanning district of Bangladesh 80% of workers have a serious health issue. Much of the farmland is unuseable and much of the water undrinkable. Our bags are tanned in sunlight and oiled with vegetable oils.

We have 60 families (thirty women and fifty seven men) producing the bags for us. They live in small communities in a 60km radius of the brothers home. Many of the tailors are ex shoe makers that lost their jobs in the trade shift to China. All tailors are paid a fair commission with living wage realistically achievable within normal working hours. All tailors work from home and have complete working flexibility. Flexible work is great for our tailors as it means they can work around other commitments such as university and parenting.

The machinery, tools and electricity (when used) is all supplied to them by Pinu and Manish.

We do not use any child, elderly or forced labour. Workers set their own deadlines for what they can produce, meaning no pressure is put on them to meet deadlines. We work around them, so to speak. We also keep work availability consistent by building up stock during quiet times.

Babu and Raju are the master tailors, who train fellow tailors, create our templates and turn our designs into reality. Babu and Raju are both studying Art at university and these very talented brothers are responsible for The Forest Collection.

We try to use every scrap of leather and any leftovers are sold on to a small jewellery making company to minimise waste

One inner divider
Magnetic snap fastening to main compartment
Zip on the outer front and back of the bag
Green canvas lining
Brass hardware

Width 16" / 41.25cm
Height 13.5" / 35cm
Depth 3" / 8cm
Adjustable strap 30-60" / 77-154cm
Strap width 1.5" / 4.5cm
Outer zip pocket widths 12" / 31cm


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Global$4.95Not available
United Kingdom$4.95$11.18
Europe$4.95Not available
postage is charged on all items. In the uk they are sent first class signed for and outside the UK tracked and signed.
I am Whatdaisydid
United Kingdom, Europe

To create our bags we work with two brothers in India called Pinu and Manish who we visit every year. Pinu and Manish share responsibility such as sourcing mate

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