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Artisan Maasai Warrior Beaded Necklace

Handmade by
Il Ngwesi

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Maasai Warrior Necklaces, worn by young men, called morans, to show of a certain age of maasai youth and to celebrate different Maasai occasions. The colours present the traditional maasai colours making different ceremonial occasions and events of year.

The maasai women also ware them as a cultural retain in their mode of dressing. You become a moran from circumcision day till the day you get married. The morans are always on the move. They have power and are untouchable. Worshipped by the whole Maasai community.


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Ilngwesi 2
I am Il Ngwesi
Kenya, Africa

Beadwork products made by Maasai women in Kenya. Il Ngwesi is a Maasai community living in Kenya's high country to the north of Mount Kenya, called Laikipia Nor

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