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Handmade goods from Indonesia

Colorful and diverse Indonesia

Each island has its own unique culture and charm. In every one of them, the natural beauty is as diverse as the people who live among it. Perhaps the most unique part of Indonesia is the Komodo National Park. It is home to the world’s largest lizard, the magnificent Komodo dragon. Declared one of the New Seven Wonders of nature, this national park encompasses Komodo, Rinca as well as several neighboring islands, and the rich marine ecosystem within its 1817 sq km. 

When feasting in Indonesia one is taken on a journey of flavors. The cuisine is as vibrant and colorful as the country itself. Because of the humid climate and volcanic soil, tropical fruits, vegetables and spices are found in abundance. Indonesians like to kick-start their pallet with the heat of chillies and many different types of pickles. Hundreds of spices are used in their curries and marinades creating variety rich flavors. 

Get inspired by the Indonesian artisans

Artisans in Indonesia use their incredible surroundings as inspiration to create beautiful handmade goods. The textured nature and landscapes of the country also provide them with plenty of natural resources to create their enticing crafts. Some artisans carve bamboo to make decorative items, others use leather, fashioning it into many beautiful and useful products such as wallets and belts.

Support fair business through Discovered

The Discovered marketplace is accessible for all artisans who want to reach a broader audience. By opening their own Discovered shop Indonesian citizens are able to receive a fair and sustainable income. The Indonesian crafts are made by talented artisans and will inspire each and every one of us. When you buy on Discovered, you support them in growing their business and become financially independent.

All goods from Indonesia