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Handmade goods from Israel

Amazing places in and around Israel

There is enough cultural diversity in Israel. Because most people have listened at least once to the Bible’s Christmas Story of the Birth of Jesus they are familiar with the holy city for Jews, Christians and Muslims: Jerusalem. Whereas Jerusalem is old and historic Tel Aviv is a modern and hip city. The third largest city of Israel is  stunningly beautiful Haifa. In the south you can visit the coral reefs of the Red Sea and enjoy the experience of floating in the salt-rich water of the Dead Sea. And you’re not there yet, you can go to Masada National Park and enjoy the breathtaking views from the rockplateau on top of the Masada. Israel counts around 300 days of sunshine a year, so if you’re more a beach person there is a variety of beaches (the Mediterranean coast runs for 170 miles) you can choose from.

The creativity of Israel

As much, diverse Israel is as a country, as much diversion there is in the creativity of Israelis artisans. On Discovered you can explore the creativity of Israelis artisans. These artisans bring out the best in themselves and they execute their ideas every day. From upcycled bags, made from old coke cans, newspapers or magazines to vegan jewelry for men and women the Israelis artisans have thought of it all. The products make a nice gift for your loved one or you can spoil yourself for once. Buying one of these handmade products will make a difference in the artisans life. 

All goods from Israel