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Handmade goods from Kenya

The tradition of unique Kenyan handicrafts

A great deal of Kenyan handicrafts trace their roots back to this beautiful country, where wildlife roams free and in plenty. Lions, elephants, buffalos, wildebeests, as well as crocodiles tread these lands, providing the artisans with plenty of inspiration. The assortment of handicrafts that can be found in Kenya is as varied and as alluring as its wildlife.

Kenya is full of warm hearted locals and breathtaking landscapes that have the power to stop you in your tracks. Kenyan artisans use traditional and masterful techniques to craft their goods. The Maasai people are famous for their bead work, creating extraordinary Maasai beaded jewelry and accessories.

Western Kenya, near Lake Victoria, is home to many Kenyan artisans who make their living through stone carving. This is where the Kisii community fashion their unique Kisii soapstone. Kisii stone ranges in color from deep gold to rich burgundy, pale pink to mauve and black to creamy white. Each piece has it’s own unique combination of color and patterns. The various colorations running through it are formed as different minerals (particularly iron) leach through the stone as it sits underground. For many families the stone carvings are their primary source of income.

Support Kenyan artisans in building a successful business

Discovered supports Kenyan artisans, to market their handmade goods on a big scale. When you buy a product on Discovered you buy directly from a Kenyan artisan, meaning the artisans themselves receive a fair part of the price (80% or more). This allowing Kenyan citizens to build their own business and become financially independent and take care of their families and community.

All goods from Kenya