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Handmade goods from Mexico

Mexico never disappoints you

Mexico is spread over different climate zones and so it has a lot to offer. One can admire the snow topped volcanoes, walk through lush tropical rainforests and marvel at the vast cactus dotted deserts. Most of the country is rich in flora and fauna providing a serene and tranquil surrounding.

Mexico City is the cultural capital, it is the sun in the Mexican solar system. One can keep themselves forever entertained here with intriguing museums, an explosive culinary scene, boating along old canals and gazing at dramatic murals painted and hung throughout the city. One can feel the rich and powerful history as they walk through the streets, starting from its pre-Hispanic underpinnings and colonial-era splendor to its contemporary edge.

Mexican artisanos create beautiful handicrafts

In the towns and villages in Mexico, the locals who make their living by selling handicrafts are known as artisanos. These artisans use materials from Mexico's diverse natural habitats to create beautiful handicrafts. They use materials such as wood, metals (especially silver), yarn, clay and leather. Harnessing their creativity and using their surroundings as inspiration, they turn the materials into delicate ceramics, intricate wall hangings, enticing textiles and much more. 

Spread the joy through Discovered

Discovered is making these beautiful handmade goods available to the rest of the world. Through our marketplace,  artisans can offer their handmade goods on the world market. You can do your part simply by buying from theses artisans. When you order on Discovered you support local artisans from Mexico building their own business. Spread the joy and help create a better future for all with discovered!

All goods from Mexico