Jakarta, Indonesia
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About Braowgoods

Let me introduce our self. Braow Goods founded by Christanto and Densely. We are crafter from Indonesia. We hand crafted all our products from Cutting the Leather Hide until the stitching process and finishing process. We are inspired by craftsmanship. We always seek for perfection in leather goods. Many of them said our product look classic, actually we determined it Timeless. We sold our good to French, US, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Netherlands, Brunei, United States and Malaysia. We hope to expand more to other country.


This is a glimpse of how we are now teaching these high school graduates who are passionately willing to learn the best of their abilities, though they are born without being able to hear. We see many infinite skills we can gather. They are now even more encouraged to excel in leatherworking, as our crafters. In comparison to the reality of their lives, they admit that it was very difficult for them to find a job that suits and commit through their disadvantaged hearing ability. We hope that through working with us, Braow, they are able to speak through products.

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