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Creativity is boring deep into ordinary to discover the brilliant!
At Taattva, each of the creatives that come out of its artistry assembly line, has fascinating tales to tell. Every craft has a legend, carrying the flavor and fragrance of its socio-cultural roots. Be it from the colorful land of Kutch to the fascinating Valleys of Brahmaputra. Or from the enchanting Shivalik Mountain range to the Deep blue lagoon shallow land of Rama Setu. 
All masterpieces, chiseled by crafty hands and seeped deep into the culture of the land. These artifacts are an amalgamation of old wooden frames, panels, etc. with vintage brass or wooden idols, that can adorn any home. Each wooden and metal pieces is handpicked from different corners of India, mainly Rajasthan, Odisha, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh, restored or distressed by hand and then match the wooden and brass works to make a unique piece of art.
These all are exclusive items.
I have been in this craft making since 10 years now, however, I started commercialising my products last year. I was inclined towards all things quirky and unique and wanted to have something of my own which is how my brainchild “Taattva” was born.
I hope you like my products and come back for more!

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