Leopard keyring: Add an African element of style to that boring bunch of keys with a leopard-head keyring made of strong metal.

Leopard keyring: Add an African element of style to that ...

Leopard keyring: Add an African element of style to that boring bunch of keys with a leopard-head keyring made of strong metal.
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Add an African element of style to that boring bunch of keys with a leopard-head keyring made of strong metal. A signature piece that will set your keys apart from the rest.

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Add an African element of style to that boring bunch of keys with a leopard-head keyring made of strong metal. A signature piece that will set your keys apart from the rest.

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Verkopen via Discovered genereert meer inkomen voor artisans. Ze bepalen zelf de prijs die ze willen ontvangen voor hun producten. Door zonder tussenpersonen te werken ontvangen ze in ieder geval 20% meer voor hun producten. Dit noemen we "fairer trade".
Discovered is toegewijd aan het creëren van positieve impact. Niet alle artisans werken alleen. Soms werken ze in groepen of collectieven, worden ze ondersteund door non-profitorganisaties of werken ze voor social businesses. We selecteren onze partners zodat meer artisans werk hebben en in ieder geval 10% meer verdienen dan gemiddeld.
We zijn toegewijd aan ambacht. We moedigen artisans aan om producten te maken middels traditionele ambachten en technieken. Het met de hand en eenvoudige gereedschappen vervaardigen van producten is volgens ons iets belangrijks om in ere te houden.
Wij houden van handgemaakt! We zijn daarnaast begaan met het behouden van de wereld waarin we leven. Daarom werken we samen met onze partners en artisans om het gebruik van locale, natuurlijke en duurzame grondstoffen te stimuleren en besteden we extra aandacht aan verpakken en verzenden.

Ann H.

Tonga basket

Love my Tonga basket! Good quality materials & workmanship, striking design. Looks great on my shelves.Thanks very much.

Tonga basket 37cm: Contrasting brown and cream vines and palm leaves are woven together to create a geometric pattern with a detailed base

Lionel T.

Beautifully crafted items arrived sooner

Beautifully crafted items arrived sooner than expected in a well packaged parcel. I will definitely buy from this seller again. It fits in perfectly in my Africa themed living room.

African zebra wallpiece in beads and wire: The African zebra is portrayed in this lustrous beaded and wire-framed wall piece

Mindy J.

Nice size

The basket is well made and is the perfect size to display veggies from my garden or serve bread out of. I would definitely recommend the product and the merchant. Shipping was quick and it all arrived as described.

Swazi basket 34 x 6cm: Yellow-cream lusundvu grass are woven together to create a basket useful in the home for fruit or general storage

Mindy J.

Better than expected

I expected to receive well-made baskets so it's not that I had low expectations, but when baskets arrived they were better than I had thought they would be. They are well made and an excellent size.

Funky African storage basket 21x 22cm: Swazi women select the grass from mountains, dry and dye it, making ropes that are woven together

Norm M.

Unique Ostrich Egg Holder

The holder itself is very attractive and very sturdy. But the way the ostriches stand up around the circle base made it too small to hold my ostrich egg.

Ostrich stand: an ostrich is beautifully rendered in brass to hold up the base for a ostrich egg candle/tealight holder

Leslie D.

Ostrich Egg Lamp

Bought this product and it’s beautiful. It came in a very well packed box which was important as it needed to come in one piece to Australia. Delivery time was really excellent. Definitely recommend anyone in purchasing from this organisation.

Big 5 Triangle ostrich egg lamp: geometric shapes complement carvings of Africa’s Big 5 on an ostrich eggshell which serves as a lamp.

Johannes E.


Very nice addition to my lounge, the egg was packaged very well and arrived to the UK without any damage at all. Very pleased with my purchase and highly recommend this seller.

Decoupage Big 5 ostrich egg: this ostrich eggshell piece has been transformed by skilful decoupage depicting Africa's magnificent Big 5

Marie W.

Love my Namji❣️

I recently took a DNA test from The African Ancestry company and found out that my mother’s side is from Cameroon. I bought my sister this Namji Fertility doll from Cameroon for Christmas. It’s beautiful. The doll came very quickly and was packaged well. The doll is well made and sturdy. The doll is priceless to our family. I just wish that there would have been a picture of the artisan and some information about the person that made the doll inside the box.

31cm blue male Namji fertility doll: this beautifully crafted wooden doll is set on a wooden base and clothed in blue beads and shells

Nina M.

Beaded elephant

I was very pleased with my beaded elephant sculpture. I had seen them while in South Africa while I was there but didn’t have room to pack it. Very happy to have found a website where I could purchase one. It’s just what I wanted.

Trunk-raised simple elephant: One of Africa's most loved animals, the elephant is beautifully captured in this simple frame and beaded piece

Paula L.

The Gorgeous Decoupage Ostrich Egg Has Arrived!

It is breathtaking, made so well and perfectly, that normally I would not have been able to afford such a beautiful gift for my beloved daughter. But, along with the superior talent of the individual who crafted this item, the price was extremely affordable and well worth the expense. Plus, I also purchase the African, giraffe, which goes so well with it. She has not seen it yet, I have placed it where it will be a great surprise, in her sitting room shelf. Thank you very, very much. I will be sure to purchase from your site again. Have a great life.

Decoupage Elephant ostrich egg: The majestic African elephant poses in all its glory on the exquisitely painted ostrich eggshell piece


Custom eggs

Hi Do you guys do Custom designs I could not find a contact details if so could you please contact me back

Starburst themed ostrich egg pendant: spectacular starbursts are carved by South African artists into an African ostrich eggshell

Lovene H.

Great hand crafted product

As expected and surprisingly fast shipping from S Africa. Excellent workmanship and attention to detail. Product differed slightly from photos (I think that was mentioned in the description). For example, large green marbles are the eyes and the expression is different than photo. All in all great product, thanks!

Classic white beaded kudu head: This striking wall piece in muted white beads epitomises the elegance of the graceful African kudu

Eva C.

Satisfied Customer

I purchased Hippo pewter tablecloth weights. I have had others in the past that I keep in my picnic basket. I have been frustrated as they never seem heavy enough when there is any appreciable wind. These Hippo weights are fantastic. The Heaviest I have ever had and they look fabulous as well. I like the way they are constructed, the way they function and how they look. My husband liked them so much he wants me to buy another set. Thanks for such a great product.

Hippo pewter tablecloth weights: Add some African flair to your table with these four antique nickel hippo tablecloth holders

Leopard keyring: Add an African element of style to that boring bunch of keys with a leopard-head keyring made of strong metal.


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