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Handmade goods from India

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As ancient as the Indian culture is the tradition of handmade Indian Jewelry – it was almost 5000 years ago that Indian people started to put on jewelry. Since then materials like gold, sterling silver and precious stones have been most important in handcrafting jewelry in India. Design and styles of Indian jewelry differ over the different regions of the country. You can find fine silver jewelry in places like Orissa. The cultural center of Rajasthan is famous for its enamel handicrafts and in Jaipur you can find a lot of scarves and clothes in the blockprint style. Despite its colorful beauty, India has huge environmental issues. Nevertheless, we would like to tell you there’s a growing awareness of such problems throughout the country. In Delhi, you’ll find a lot of different artisan projects that experiment with recycling and upcycling material in new designs and fashionable collections.

All goods from India