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Discovered: connecting artisans to the global marketplace

Bring unique handmade products into your home.

Discovered is the online marketplace where artisans from emerging economies create their own storefronts and sell their products directly to consumers like you from around the world. We are also community connecting you to artisans, taking you on a journey around the world from your own home. On our marketplace you find handmade products and the unique stories behind them, share your own (travel) stories and artisans discovered by you.

Let’s create impact together

Creating positive impact is the key to our marketplace. We exist because we believe people will improve their lives through business if they can. We offer them the tools to do just this.

We are serious about the impact we hel create for the artisans discovered by us. Our platform fee is 15% and the payment fee is 5%. This means that over 70% of the selling price goes directly to the artisan. Now that is what we call fairer trade!

Explore the world from your home

At Discovered you buy beautiful products with a great story and you really make a difference. Our local teams and scouts work together with partner organizations and sellers to make sure we have the best possible artisans and products online.

That's why every purchase you make makes a difference.

More than a marketplace

We believe that everything has a story worth sharing, and that dipping into these stories will enrich your life. That's why on Discovered we invite you to tell your story and share it to others.

Read the stories written by our community members and find out where you need to go, whom you need to visit and what you need to love.

Let your heart be touched by beautiful stories and discover the power of words within our marketplace.