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Discovered: nominated for the Dutch Marketing Awards

Rotterdam, 22 December 2014 – Discovered has been nominated for the Dutch Marketing Awards in the category Marketing Launch, as it was announced by the organizers, the NIMA (Dutch Marketing Institute), on the 16th of December.

“It is good for the profession and for the strategic marketing function to give out those awards in a setting in which marketing is central.” Martin Huisman, director of NIMA.

Dutch marketing awards

The Dutch Marketing Awards reward companies that are being innovative in the field of marketing. Through this event, the organizations are given the opportunity to share their stories and more importantly, to inspire others. Above all, the NIMA wishes to encourage the continuous renewal of marketing strategies and the marketing field.

Marketing launch: creative strategy and high ideals

Discovered has been nominated in the category Marketing Launch. The category Marketing Launch rewards the successful launch on the Dutch market of a new company in the past year. Creative strategy, creation of common values and high ideals are some of the qualities that are expected in this category. Do you recognize Discovered in those? We do! Being a start-up with limited budget doesn’t allow you to be boring. Creativity is the key! Discovered will be running against five other companies for this prestigious prize: Hellofresh, Blendle, Perupas, 3DHubs and Veylinx.

And the winner is…

The names of the finalists for each category will be known on the 15th of February while the winners will be announced on the 19th of March 2015. Fingers crossed for Discovered and its artisans!

For more information about the Dutch Marketing Awards, have a look at the official website of the event,