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Free shipping over $85
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Our Mission

Making a positive impact, empowering one artisan at a time

We are Discovered, an online marketplace for handmade products ethically crafted by artisans in emerging countries. Our mission is to connect artisan entrepreneurs in India, Kenya, Thailand, Indonesia, South America, Mexico, Malaysia and Israel to conscious consumers worldwide. By stocking directly from the makers, every purchase creates a positive impact.


At Discovered, we are a small team with a selection of 100 artisans from all over the world. We have met our makers through our travels and realized that they struggle to make ends meet. Solely depending on the local market, it is difficult to sell at reasonable prices, particularly since low quality and industrially produced products have started to appear consistently.



We help our artisans reach a global audience by presenting their work the way they deserve and providing quality service to our customers. We ensure an income to our artisans with a healthy profit. Their families can live with the respect and dignity every human deserves while keeping traditional crafts alive for future generations. The more we grow, the more artisans increase their earnings through the platform.



Recognizing a significant gap in the market for artisans, Discovered launched in November 2015 as a destination for curated products that celebrate ethical handcrafts.

As certified members of The Artisan Alliance, we believe in business as a force for positive impact as the most sustainable way to reach a better living standard and preserve original crafts.

Image of a woman handcrafting jewelry certified by The Artisan Alliance community network

Join us in our mission, supporting one artisan at a time (or two). Visit our blog to know more.