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COVID-19: Worldwide shipping delays still apply. Read more.

Tiny Multi Stone Earrings | ED-3-098 FAST FREE SHIPPING!

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Tiny Multi-Stone Mosaic Earrings; Lapidary Stones set in Fine Pewter. Best Quality Pewter,  Silver Alloy No Nickel, No Lead, No Cadmium, No Zinc. 

Hypo-allergenic surgical ear wires, the safest wire you can use in your ears.

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2.6 cm = 1 in

"In the 1940s, this was a remote provincial village.
In the quiet hours of the morning,
the boys would stand near the mill
to watch the girls
when they were allowed out of the parents’ house
to grind corn or draw water.

Youth would make elaborate very fine signs to signal their intentions
to each other. With the infinite subtle beauty of youthful attraction,
love without words grew until a meeting could be managed.

Sometimes, a boy and a girl would elope
and no one knew that they even knew each other!

In the patios of the houses,
the people were making mirrors
cut out of tin sheet with metal shears.

The rustic artisans cut up thin tin into strips,
curled them and soldered these tin curls
on to the mirror frame surface as ornament.

And they made masks:
Shining, evocative, preColombian visages.
Sometimes the masks had eyes fashioned out of bone,
with a bit of polished clam shell inlayed as the pupil."

"In the nineteen fifties the silver jewelry production of Taxco

expanded dramatically as a long-term result
of the intervention into Taxco
of a Tulane University architecture professor by name William Spratling
one more gringo who fell in love with the Mexican people
he stayed to established the first modern silver shop *Las Delicias*.

Today Spratling signed silver is highly collectible and reknowned
for the technical quality of execution and simple power of design.

This tradition has been recognized as among the highest quality
fine silverwork in the world, on account of its expressive vitality
and technical execution of innovative wood, stone inlay into silver.

In the 1950′s hundreds of families in Taxco supported themselves
by silversmithing. So the population of Taxco became the lucky
beneficiary of Spratling’s genius and willingness to give to others.

The general acceptance of the Spratling silver jewelry product
by the US and European market, also the burgeoning domestic market
of the growing tourist industry made Taxco into the ‘Silver City’;
a city of silversmiths, with generation upon generation of hammerers,
of polishers, arc saw cutters, solderers, casters, filers, and stonesetters."

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