Open Your Online Store For Free & Get Discovered by a Global Audience.

We believe commerce should be about more than just profits. We also know that reaching a global audience can be incredibly hard.

So we're giving global artisans from upcoming countries (you) a stage right here on our marketplace to help them grow doing business.

Stores with impact.

We have products from dozens of artisans from countries such as: India, Morocco, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand and South-Africa. We are creating positive impact around the world.

If you are working as an artisan and handmaking products, let's work together! Together we can do more.

Who can join?

  • Artisans or designers making products by hand.
  • Not-for profit organizations working with artisans.
  • Social businesses & designers working locally with artisans.

What products can you list?

  • Handmade products created by you
  • Handcrafted products made by the artisans / designers you directly work with
  • Handmade products created by the people working in your projects
  • Handmade goods you helped design

Why join?

  • Showcase your products to a global audience
  • Reach new or additional customers
  • Help get a better price for your products (this is what we call positive impact)

What does it cost?

  • Creating a store and listing your products is free!
  • You set the price you want to receive for your products
  • We add our marketplace fee (15% currently)
  • You can add shipping fees (paid by the customer)

What you will do

  • Create your own online store
  • Share your story on why you love doing what you do
  • Discuss & share with our community
  • If you sell a product (congratulations), you will ship the items direct to your customers

What we are doing

  • You make the products, we do the rest
  • We work with you to create your personal stores
  • We help you set a good price for your products
  • We drive traffic to your store to help you sell

Join Discovered!

Joining is easy.

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