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Handmade accessories are the perfect compliment to any outfit that you wear. Each piece of unique artwork acts as its own statement and will undoubtedly earn you many compliments. Everybody will ask you where you buy all of your exceptionally unique scarves, key chains, notebooks, hair accessories or wallets. Not only will you be able to talk about where you purchased your unique gift, you will also get the opportunity to tell story of the artisan's who crafted it. This added bonus is sure to impress! With a collection of scarves, purses, notebooks and keychains to choose from, we are certain that you'll find some handcrafted accessories that you truly love.

Artisan accessories that are uniquely crafted for you

Discovered offers a variety of unique accessories that have been crafted with love and delivered with a unique story related to the artisan and region in which they were created. Each and every piece is perfectly handcrafted for you. Nobody else will have an accessory quite as unique and personal as yours. This is precisely the reason why artisan accessories make the perfect gifts for you, your friends and your family.

Help Discovered creating fair incomes for artisans

Discovered is an online marketplace that is wholeheartedly dedicated to you and to the amazing artisans that create the handmade goods that you purchase. The aim of Discovered is to increase cultural awareness, to promote healthy and sustainable incomes for the artisans creating each handcrafted piece, and to sell quality products to customers just like you. Those quality pieces of artwork are worth talking about for years. When you purchase a handmade accessory from Discovered, then you are contributing to make the world a better place for everyone to live in.

Discovered. Handmade accessories made for you specially by the world’s most gifted artisans.

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