How your purchase makes a difference



We stand for fairer trade. Selling through Discovered creates more income for artisans.


We care about our artisan’s welfare & working conditions. Discovered only partners with organizations that ensure a living wage.


We value tradition. Discovered encourages artisans to use tranditional crafts & techniques in their products.


We feel strongly about preserving the world we live in. Discovered stimulates the use of local, natural, and sustainable materials in products & packaging.

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Discover unique cases in special designs

Discovered sells handmade cases and sleeves made by artisans from all over the world. The unique cases come in a variety of styles and designs. Each handmade case that you buy reflects the rich culture of the artisans who make them. Browse by country to get inspired by the cultures represented on the Discovered website.

You can also browse by color or subcategory. At Discovered, artisans sell long-lasting and sustainable cases for our customers to cover their phone, tablet, and laptop. Unique cases you'll want to keep forever, but also changeable to the season or the outfit you're wearing. Each handmade case is listed by artisans who do not have the ability or means to sell their wares in their own online shop.

Artisans from around the world and their unique sleeves

The unique sleeves we sell are inspired by the rich culture and beautiful art of the artisan who makes them. You can see the love and care that went into the creation of each unique case. The artisans selling on Discovered are specialists in their craft, so you know that you get a quality product.

The sleeves we sell are made by gifted artisans from around the world. We also keep in mind, when allowing artisans to list their sleeves in our marketplace, that they must be durable in make, as well as beautiful and artistic in design.

The artisans who craft the sleeves for your phone, tablet, and laptop are also paid fairly for their art that is near and dear to their hearts.

Find your handmade case

It doesn't matter if you're looking for a colorful handmade case, an intricately designed unique case, or a more modern case for your phone, tablet, or laptop. You will find what you are looking for on Discovered. We have got different styles to suit your mood and your style. Browse and have fun finding out what we have in store for you!

Discovered creates a positive impact with unique goods

Discovered is all about selling wonderful handmade goods from across the globe. Artisans who don't have the ability or means to sell their handmade items in their own online shop are more than welcome to list their wares to be sold in our marketplace.

When you find a unique case on our website and order it, you can be sure that you are helping an artisan on the other side of the world create a better life for their family and community. You get a handmade case; they get a better income.

The goals of our company are: beautiful and quality products for customers, culture appreciation, diversity, proper treatment and payment to artisans and creating a positive impact on the world. We believe that this is the best way to trade: something we would like to call fairer trade.

Shop handmade cases & sleeves from the world's best artisans.