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We stand for fairer trade. Selling through Discovered creates more income for artisans.


We care about our artisan’s welfare & working conditions. Discovered only partners with organizations that ensure a living wage.


We value tradition. Discovered encourages artisans to use tranditional crafts & techniques in their products.


We feel strongly about preserving the world we live in. Discovered stimulates the use of local, natural, and sustainable materials in products & packaging.

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Discover unique messenger bags from global artisans

Update your look and help make a difference with these unique messenger bags created by artisans from around the world.

The variety of styles and colors is a nod to the various cultures represented in these beautiful handmade messenger bags. The comfortable, over-the-shoulder design makes them perfect for carrying your books, laptop, or a few things for an overnight trip.

Handmade messenger bags are gorgeous and functional

Whether you are looking for a new bag for travel or need something to hold everyday items, each of these unique messenger bags can feed your craving for fashion and function.

You can find many styles, colors, and designs, making it possible to pair one with any outfit or accessory. Every unique bag made of sustainable, durable materials, can withstand the pressure of daily use wherever you need it.

You will have these colorful messenger bags for years.

Why not give one of these unique messenger bags as a gift?!

Gift giving is an art form, and while we know that you already are a great gift giver, you will be upgraded to an excellent when you buy any of the unique messenger bags we have in our selection.

You can't go wrong with colorful messenger bags from Discovered.

Custom messenger bags

You've browsed our marketplace, and you have found a lot of fresh and unique handmade products, but you are looking for something different.

If only that particular bag cam in red or with a different pattern!

Don't worry. A lot of the artisans selling on Discovered provide the opportunity for custom messenger bags.

On each artisan page or the specific product page, the artisan tells something more about themselves and the product, including if they provide the opportunity to personalize your colorful messenger bag.

Don't hesitate to contact your favorite artisan about the possibilities.

Brighten your day with colorful messenger bags

A messenger bag is a bag that is worn over one shoulder. The strap goes over the chest, which helps the bag to rest on your lower bag. This is a very functional and boring description of what our unique messengers actually are.

The colorful messenger bags sold on Discovered are so much more than just a simple bag. They represent the culture of the maker and the impeccable style of the wearer. Nobody said these handmade bags should be boring.

Add some color to your daily routine with a colorful messenger bag and brighten an artisan's day!

You can make a positive impact with flair

We have always prided ourselves on our ability to provide a positive experience with each transaction, from our artisans to you. This purchase is proof we are working together to bring access to an international online market to producers of handmade goods in areas of the world with limited or no access otherwise.

That means you get amazing products, they get increased exposure, and we get to help.

Shop handmade messenger bags and make your mark on the world.