How your purchase makes a difference



We stand for fairer trade. Selling through Discovered creates more income for artisans.


We care about our artisan’s welfare & working conditions. Discovered only partners with organizations that ensure a living wage.


We value tradition. Discovered encourages artisans to use tranditional crafts & techniques in their products.


We feel strongly about preserving the world we live in. Discovered stimulates the use of local, natural, and sustainable materials in products & packaging.

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Handmade Tote Bags

Discover handmade tote bags for sale form global artisans

Handmade tote bags are the perfect solution for many things. You can throw papers and books in our unique tote bags for work, place clothes and other necessities in travel tote bags for a quick weekend getaway, or use them instead of a purse.

Choosing a unique handmade bag allows your personality to really shine through. You can pick a bright and colorful piece that you can use when you spend time with family and friends. Alternatively, consider buying a subtle one, which is more appropriate for work.

Why should you buy a unique tote bag on Discovered?

People will be 'oohing' and 'aahing' over your beautiful handmade tote bag. With so many choices from all over the world, you'll never be able to stop buying just one.

All of the bags sold on Discovered are made by artisans who have an excellent eye for detail. They genuinely are masters of their craft. It can take them years to get to this skill level, but when they finally get there, they face various barriers. Unfortunately, most of them lack modern conveniences to reach a big market for their work.

That is why you should buy a handmade tote bag on Discovered. Purchasing one of our unique tote bags allows the artist to put food on the table and take care of their families. They get a fair price for their artwork; you get a beautiful product. It is a situation we would call win-win.

All styles of ethical tote bags for unique people

The designs of our artisans vary greatly according to their cultural background and personal taste. So, whatever style you are looking for, you will be sure to find it here.

Shop Hmong inspired embroidered tote bags for when you are looking to add some color and tribal design to your outfit.

Go for a more sustainable style and find a recycled tote bag with colorful graphic designs to be re-used by you every day.

Whatever you find important in life - culture, environment and a decent income for artisans - you'll find an ethical tote bag.

Create change with your unique tote bag

We really hope that when people ask where you got your handmade tote bag that you will tell them about the Discovered artisans. Our team scours the world to choose the very best artisans, making handmade goods while using sustainable methods. We select each artisan because of the quality of their artistry. This allows us to offer quality products to customers in different countries while making the world a better place.

Find the perfect handmade tote bag and help one of the artisans to earn a fair income.