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We stand for fairer trade. Selling through Discovered creates more income for artisans.


We care about our artisan’s welfare & working conditions. Discovered only partners with organizations that ensure a living wage.


We value tradition. Discovered encourages artisans to use tranditional crafts & techniques in their products.


We feel strongly about preserving the world we live in. Discovered stimulates the use of local, natural, and sustainable materials in products & packaging.

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Discover handmade yoga bags from the best artisans

You can find beautiful handmade yoga bags made by artisans from around the world on our website. All handmade bags we sell, tell a story and look cute enough that you can take them anywhere.

Finding a yoga mat bag that matches your own unique style can be difficult, but with our wide range of sellers, you are sure to find a cute gym bag for your yoga mat that you will love.

Support your practice AND look good on and off the mat. Browse our amazing assortment of yoga bags to find one that will fit perfectly into your wardrobe.

Cute yoga bags you can take everywhere

These unique yoga bags look great and make sure that you can always carry your yoga mat in style. Perfect for going straight from your job to a yoga class with your friends, so that nothing gets in the way of your practice.

No heavy, bulky bag for you, instead buy elegant or quirky handmade yoga bags to carry your mat to any inspiring location easily. Wherever you are, you'll be ready for any impromptu sweat session, all you have to do is to bring the prana!

Find unique yoga bags from all over the world

At Discovered, you can find unique yoga bags to fit your mat and props with amazing, creative designs.

Each artisan has a different approach to the yoga bag. Some like to inspire you in your practice with witty quotes, like "trust the yoga," others choose to do so through their colorful embroidery.

Whichever unique yoga bag you choose you'll be inspired to bring the best breath you've ever brought to the yoga mat.

A custom yoga bag for all your yoga needs

You've been browsing, and you've found a yoga bag you like, but you want it in a different color or maybe you want a totally different design.

Why not contact the artisan to see if, together, you can create a custom yoga bag that you're your yoga needs perfectly.

Check out the product descriptions and contact the artisan about the possibilities.

Be the envy of the other yogis when you arrive wearing a comfortable yoga outfit complemented by a fashionable custom yoga bag no one else will have.

Buy a yoga mat bag, help an artisan

Prana is the life force that sustains life everywhere. It binds us humans to the universe and each other.

At Discovered, we believe in contributing positive energy to the world in our own way by helping bring positive impact to artisans around the world. But we can't do it alone.

Help artisans around the globe build sustainable incomes for themselves and their families, by buying one of their beautiful handmade bags, like these unique yoga bags.

Discovered aims to make the world a better place for craftspeople and artists by giving them the opportunity to connect directly with committed customers around the world.

No middlemen were involved in the creation of your perfect yoga mat bag. Discovered only charges a small fee per purchase to keep the website up and running so we can continue creating more impact for our artisans.

Find your handmade yoga bag and help an artisan to earn a fair income.