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Handmade goods from South Africa

South African stunning handicrafts

Some of the world’s most elaborate beadwork and basket artistry is to be found in this land, particularly those made by Zulu artisans whose handmade goods are notable for their precision, bold colors and striking geometrical patterns. Where else but here could you find a unique and gracefully curving carved bowl made from a single ostrich egg? Where else could you encounter the striking elegance of a traditional Namji fertility doll dressed in a sheath of scarlet beads?

Few places in the world have such a rich fusion of ancient tradition and modern artistry.

Though South African artisans use traditional materials such as grass, reeds and clay for their art, they also turn to nontraditional materials with stunning results. In the hands of these incredibly skilled traditional artisans, telephone wire is brilliantly repurposed by being woven into generous platters whose vibrant swirls of color have the energy and dynamism of abstract art.

Discover the Beauty of South Africa

In times past, skilled South African artisans would have to travel to a larger town or city to display their handmade goods to a wider audience. Discovered is a modern online marketplace, one that’s open to the world. We believe in fair trade: when you purchase a craft on Discovered, you are buying directly from a South African artisan. In appreciating their artistry, you are supporting their goals of financial independence and self-sustainability. Come and explore these unique and stunning works today.

All goods from South Africa